Research Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in cutting-edge research in our engineering programs.

Departmental Research

Undergraduate students are actively involved in cutting-edge research during their matriculation throughout the curriculum.  Indeed, in a recent NSF survey of 21 engineering colleges and schools throughout the United States, only 38% of NCA&T students stated that they had not had any research experiences in their undergraduate curriculum, while 56% of the students from the other colleges and universities stated that they had no experience with research as an undergraduate student.

Professors often engage undergraduate students in their exciting new research. This research may involve using hog waste to create new, more cost effective, more cost efficient asphalt or the design of better logistics for the movement of patients and their families through the often confusing hallways of large hospitals or the design of solar energy hotels and so forth.  Undergraduate students are often able to attend professional engineering conferences where they may win awards for their research in poster presentations, oral presentations or other forms of recognition.

Students also develop a senior design project, often in conjunction with local businesses or government organizations, which gives them “real world” experience in cutting-edge research.

Research Centers

North Carolina A&T State University has 13 officially recognized research centers affiliated with the College of Engineering.  Most of these centers are involved in the latest cutting-edge research and many undergraduate students are employed as interns in these centers.  The centers are as follows:

  • The Center for Energy Research and Technology
  • National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center for Revolutionizing Metallic Biomaterials
  • Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures
  • Science and Technology Center of Academic Excellence in Advanced Biometrics
  • Center for Cyber Defense
  • Center for Aviation Safety
  • Center for Composite Materials Research
  • Center for Aerospace Research
  • Center for Autonomous Control and Information Technology
  • Center for Human Machine Studies
  • Center for Collaborative Systems
  • ARL Center for Advanced Studies in Identity Sciences
  • ASTREC (Advanced Technologies Research and Engineering Center)

The Department of Research and Economic Development website ( may have more information about each of these centers.