College of Engineering Facilities

McNair Hall

The primary administration building for the COE is McNair Hall. This building is named in honor of Dr. Ronald McNair, an A&T alum, who sadly died in NASA's Space Shuttle Challenger mission in 1986. Many of the faculty and staff offices, and  engineering classrooms are located in this building.

Graham & Cherry Hall

The Graham and Cherry Hall buildings are adjacent and connected to the McNair Hall and also have class room, office, and laboratory spaces.

Engineering Program Facilities

Fort Interdisciplinary Research Center

The Fort Interdisciplinary Research Center Building is also home to several laboratories that house the research projects of engineering faculty members.

Engineering Programs and Facilities

Hines Hall

Hines Hall, located near the student cafeteria, is largely an engineering research building with offices and laboratories.

Best Engineering Schools


The PTCAM building is located off-campus on Yanceyville Street.  This facility primarily consists of laboratory space for researchers and some undergraduate senior design projects. 

Best Engineering Programs