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Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions regarding the One-Year M.S. degree program track in all the M.S, programs in the College of Engineering.

 Q. How is this program track different from the other M.S. degree program options offered by your departments?

 A. This track follows the requirements of the course-only option of the M.S. in any of the engineering programs in the College of Engineering. The one-year M.S. track can be completed in 12 months duration (Fall and, Spring semesters, and the two Summer sessions), while the regular course-only option, taking courses in Fall and Spring semesters only, will take at least 18-months. This is possible because we are offering summer courses, specifically for those in the one-year program.

 Q. How do I benefit from enrolling in one-year M.S. track as opposed to your regular course-only, project, and thesis options?

 A. From the student’s perspective benefits are multi-fold: (i) it is easier and much less expensive to arrange lodging in the area for 12 months as compared to for example 18 months; (ii) the living expenses, health insurance cost, etc. are significantly reduced when program is completed in 12 months; (iii) domestic students are available for employment and compensation at the M.S. level at least six months earlier, enabling them to achieve significant financial gains in the process; (iv) international students, F-1 visa holders, interested in pursuing the Optional Practical Training (OPT) in the U.S., could become for eligible for it, after 12 months of graduate studies in the U.S.

 Q. Is there any possibility that I can apply courses that I complete, to any of the other options in the program, after initially joining the one-year program?

 A. Yes, you could continue with the course-only option without the 12 month limit, or request a change to a project option, if available.

 Q. Could you inform me about any form of financial support available for international students pursuing the one- year program?

 A. We do not offer any financial support for students pursuing the one-year program, regardless of whether they are from the U.S. or international.

 Q. Can I finish this program in 18 months, by not taking any courses in summer, but take those courses in the following Fall Semester.

A. Obviously, a one-year program is not meant to be completed in 18-months. If you do not want to take any courses in the summer, then apply stating that you will pursue the standard M.S. course-only or project option (if available).

 Q. Why do I have to decide what M.S. program track I will follow before I am on campus?

 A. Introduction of the one-year program track into our M.S. degree offering involves significant adjustments in course offering schedule. This includes offering of some graduate courses during the Summer semester, which is not normally done. To create for you an opportunity to get a M.S. degree in one-year all the components of the system including course schedule, advising, etc. must be in place well ahead of time. Good planning in this regard requires that we know in advance the number of students participating in this program during any given academic year. The one-year program track students will need special advising and planning of activities so that they can meet the M.S. degree requirements within one year.

 Q. Do I need to finish my graduate degree within one year?

 A. If you decided to join the one-year program, then this would be the expectation. We have created this program for the students who are committed and willing to work hard to accomplish the goal. However, you will be able to switch to another option, if necessary.

 Q. What if I am not be able to keep up with the workload and complete the one-year program requirements in one year?

 A. We understand this may happen, but we cannot lower our standards. All we can offer is a special help in the form of dedicated guidance and advising. If you still will not be able to meet the M.S. graduation requirements in 12 months, then you will have to continue in our M.S. program until you complete the requirements.

 Q. Do I have to find an advisor before joining the one-year M.S. program?

 A. Since this is a course-only option, only an academic advisor will be required. That advisor will be the Graduate Program Director.

 Q. I have been formally accepted to your graduate program for the Fall session. I would like to know if there is a possibility for completing a thesis?

 A. IThis is a course-only option. Please check with the Graduate Program Coordinator to see if you can switch to the thesis option.