Research Areas

Faculty and students associated and affiliated with CSE have expertise and interest in the following research areas.
  • Transportation systems
  • Optimization, management, and reliability of critical infrastructure systems, remote sensing, GIS
  • Computational graph and network models, operations research.  Industrial process modeling and simulation
  • Energy and power network modeling, analysis, and simulation
  • Physics-based process, transport, phenomenological and computational modeling
  • Computational Biology – Bioinformatics, genomics,  epidemiology, bio-statistics, protein modeling, and drug design
  • Computational Chemistry – Molecular dynamics, atomistic modeling/simulations
  • Climate/Weather/Ocean and environmental quality modeling and simulation (in collaboration with EES). 
  • Image Analysis,  data mining and data visualization
  • Computer-aided modeling, design and grid generation.  Computational geometry
  • Atomistic and quantum modeling and simulation
  • Computational Finance and econometric modeling
  • Computational electromagnetics. Computational acoustics. Multi-scale/multi-physics modeling 
  • High-performance computing and simulations.
  • Physics modeling.  Modeling/simulations for experimental nuclear physics
  • Probability and stochastic modeling