Alumni: Our Biggest Asset

Having been part of our program, you probably remember moments of clarity when you started to visualize your future as a computer scientist. Helping students imagine success, and reinforcing the ultimate goal behind today’s hard work is so important- and no one is more effective at doing this than our alumni. There are many ways you can become involved with our students, and we welcome your partnership as we educate these young people.


Connect with N.C. A&T computer science majors and share your expertise. What would you do the very same way? What would you change if you could do it over again? As a graduate, what topics come to mind when you say to yourself, “I sure wish somebody would have told me that!” These answers represent the knowledge and perspective our students need from you. They stand ready to benefit from your experience.

 Financial Support

Resources make a big difference to our students. When alumni offer financial support to the Computer Science department, we provide programming, tools and experiences that we wouldn’t normally be able to afford. This translates into a better learning experience and increased student engagement. We are very effective teachers, but your additional financial support greatly complements the classroom experience.

 Career Support

Do you work with a company who employs computer scientists? Are you searching for top-notch talent? Let’s work together to create opportunities for your company to interact with our bright, motivated students. Our graduates are business-ready and as an alum of our program, you certainly deserve the first opportunity to employ them! 


Thank you for the journey you’ve made with N.C. A&T. We are proud of the role we have been privileged to play in your success.


-       Dr. Xiaohong (Dorothy) Yuan, Department Chair