Dr. Yusuf G. Adewuyi


Yusuf G (Debo) Adewuyi, PhD
Professor Chemical, Biological & Bio Engineering (CBBE)Department:
Office: 317 McNair Hall
Email: adewuyi@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 285-3651 (direct); (336) 334-7564
Fax: (336) 334-7904

Education and Training

Ph.D. Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, 1985
M.S. Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, 1980
B.S. (Cum Laude), Chemical Engineering, Ohio University, Athens, OH, 1978

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Illinois, Urbana
Champaign, IL, 1987 -1988

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dept. of Chemistry, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA and Aerodyne Research Inc., Billerica, MA, 1985 -1986

Senior Staff Engineer and Research Engineer (1988 -1993), Mobil Research and Development Corporation, Paulsboro, NJ (Mobil is now ExxonMobil).

Selected Honors

  • Received the 2014 NCAT Outstanding University Senior Researcher of the Year Award
  • 2014 NCAT Outstanding College of Engineering Senior Researcher of the Year Award
  • Elected Fellow of American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE); March, 2013
  • Received the 2013 AIChE MAC Eminent Chemical Engineer Award
  • Received the 2006 AIChE MAC Distinguished Service Award
  • Received the 2005 AIChE MAC Excellence and Service Award
  • 2012 NCAT College of Engineering PhD Thesis of the Year Award Advisor [Advisee – Vishwanath G Deshmane]
  • 2011 NCAT Outstanding College of Engineering Senior Researcher of the Year Award
  • 2010 NCAT Outstanding College of Engineering Senior Researcher of the Year Award
  • Author of Top 1% Most Cited Papers World-Wide in his Field, Council of Canadian Academies Survey of Science and Technology Strengths, 2011.
  • Author of Top 3 Most Downloaded Article in Ultrasonics Sonochemistry since 2010.
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Valuable Contribution, ACS Publications, Feb., 2013
  • Outstanding Chemical Engineering Teacher, NC A&T, 1994
  • Outstanding Chemical Engineering Teacher, NC A&T, 1997

Teaching Interest

  • Undergraduate Courses
    CHEN 515: Overview of Energy and Fuels
    CHEN 422: Chemical Reaction Engineering
    CHEN 320 Transfer Operations II
    MEEN 562 / MEEN 462 Heat Transfer
    CHEN 200 Chemical Process Principles
    CHEN 300 Transfer Operations I: Fluid Flow
    CHEN 330 Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
    CHEN 410 Chemical Engineering Laboratory II
    CHEN 510: Chemical Engineering Independent Studies

  • Graduate and/or Advanced Undergraduate Courses 
    CHEN 615: Energy and Fuels Fundamentals
    CHEN 618: Air Pollution Control
    CHEN 705: Transport Phenomena
    CHEN 720: Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering
    CHEN 605: Biochemical Engineering
    CHEN 622: Pollution Prevention (Green Engineering)
    CHEN 630/CHEN 705: Transport Phenomena
    CHEN 645: Environmental Remediation
    CHEN 710: Advanced Transport Phenomena
    CHEN 792: Graduate Chemical Engineering Seminars

Research Interest

  • Energy and Environment, and Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering:
    Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) for Water, Soil and Hazardous Materials’ Treatment
    Novel Methods for the Control of Air Toxics (NOx, SO2, Hg) & Green House Gases (CO2, N2O)
    Cavitation-enhanced, Solid-acid Catalyzed Biodiesel Synthesis/Biomass Conversion to Biofuels
    Catalytic Reactive Distillation Upgrading of Bio-oils into Transportation Fuels and Bioplastics

  • Nanoscale Catalysis and Green Chemical Processing:
    Catalytic Synthesis of Fine Chemicals in Benign Solvents (e.g., supercritical CO2)
    Cavitation-enhanced Synthesis of Nanostructured Materials and Catalysts
    Catalytic and Ultrasound-Assisted Oxidative Fuel Desulfurization

Research Projects

  • Wang, l.; Shahbazi, A.; Xiu, S.; Adewuyi, Y.; Mahajan, D.; Hanna, M.A. A Reactive Distillation Process for Upgrading Bio-Oil to Transportation Fuels and Bioplastics. USDA-CSREES, 388,844.

  •  Adewuyi, Y.G. Development of an Advance Aqueous Scrubbing Process for the Simultaneous Removal of Nitrogen Oxides and Sulfur Oxides from Flue Gases by a Sonochemical Method. NSF-CBET, $455,349.

Selected Publications

Adewuyi, Y.G.; Deshmane, V.G.  Intensification of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose Using High Frequency Ultrasound.  An Investigation of the Effects of Process Parameters on Glucose Yield. Energy & Fuels. 2015, 20, 4998 – 5006. [ISI/GS Citations: 0/3] http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/acs.energyfuels.5b00661

 Adewuyi, Y.G.; Khan, M.A. Nitric Oxide Removal by Combined Aqueous Persulfate and Ferrous-EDTA Reaction Systems. Chemical Engineering Journal  2015, 281, 575-587. [ISI/GS Citations: 2/4]  http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cej.2015.06.114

 Adewuyi, Y.G.; Khan, M.A., Sakyi, N.Y. Kinetics and Modeling of the Removal of Nitric Oxide by Aqueous Sodium Persulfate Simultaneously Activated by Temperature and Fe2+Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research .2014, 53, 828 – 839. http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ie402801b. [ISI/GS Citation: 5/9].

 Deshmane, V.G.; Adewuyi, Y.G. Mesoporous Nanocrystalline Sulfated Zirconia Synthesis and Its Application for FFA Esterification in Oils. Applied Catalysis A: General. 2013, 462-463, 196-206 http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.apcata.2013.05.005 [ISI/GS Citation: 12/16].

 Deshmane, V.G.; Adewuyi, Y.G. Synthesis and Kinetics of Biodiesel Formation via Calcium Methoxide Base-Catalyzed Transesterification Reaction in the Absence and Presence of Ultrasound. Fuel, 2013, 107, 474-482 http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.fuel.2012.12.080 [ISI/GS Citations: 34/50]

 Adewuyi, Y.G.; Sakyi, N.Y. Simultaneous Absorption and Oxidation of Nitric Oxide and Sulfur Dioxide by Aqueous Sodium Persulfate Activated by Temperature. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 2013, 52, 11702-11711 http://pubs.acs.org/doi/pdf/10.1021/ie401649s. [ISI/GS Citation: 14/18]

 Adewuyi, Y.G.; Sakyi, N.Y. Removal of Nitric Oxide by Aqueous Sodium Persulfate Simultaneously Activated by Temperature and Fe2+ in a Lab-Scale Bubble Column Reactor. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 2013, 52, 14687-14697 http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ie4025177. [ISI/GS Citation: 12/15]

 Adewuyi, Y.G., Khan, N.E. Modeling the Ultrasonic Cavitation-Enhanced Removal of Nitrogen Oxide (NO) in a Bubble Column Reactor. AIChE J. 2012, 58, 2397 - 2411. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/aic.12751/pdf  [ISI/GS Citations:8/10]

 Deshmane, V.G.; Adewuyi, Y.G. Synthesis of Thermally Stable, High Surface Area, Nanocrystalline Mesoporous Tetragonal Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2): Effects of Different Process Parameters. Micropor. Mesopor. Mater. 2012, 148, 88-100. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.micromeso.2011.07.012 [ISI/GS Citations: 28/47]

Khan, N.E.; Adewuyi, Y.G. A New Method of Analysis of Peroxydisulfate Using Ion Chromatograph and Its Application to the Simultaneous Determination of Peroxydisulfate and Other Common Inorganic Ions in a Peroxydisulfate Matrix. J. Chromatography A, 2011, 1218, 392-397. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.chroma.2010.11.038  [ISI/GS Citations:6/7]