Undergraduate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Chemical, Biological, and Bioengineering Engineering (CBBE)

Frequently Asked Questions (ISE)

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  • What degrees are offered by the department?
  • Why Bioengineering?
  • Why Chemical Engineering?
  • Why Biological Engineering?
  • What is Bioengineering?
  • What is Chemical Engineering?
  • What is Biological Engineering?
  • Career Opportunities for Bioengineers?
  • Career Opportunities for Chemical Engineers?
  • Career Opportunities for Biological Engineers?
  • Salary Range for Bioengineers?
  • Salary Range for Chemical Engineers?
  • Salary Range for Biological Engineers?
  • Research Opportunities for undergraduates?
  • What does the curriculum look like?
  • What are the admission requirements for the program?
  • Are their scholarships available for incoming freshmen?
  • What type of academic support systems are available?