Water Research Lab

Dr. Manoj K. Jha is leading the Water Resources Laboratory (WRL) located in 329 Cherry Hall 329. The lab is equipped with variety of field monitoring tools/devices including streamflow measurements, well level measurements, and water quality samplers. Current project is underway to install several monitoring stations for water quantity and quality in North Buffalo creek and feeding streams for quantifying impacts of research activities in North Carolina A&T State University’s research farm. It is a 200-acre land that is located south of campus and has been extensively used for agriculture research. This will also support capstone senior design projects.

Researsch Topics:

  • Hydrology: Changing water cycle;land use management; regionalization of hydrologic models
  • Urban Water: Rainwater harvesting; Stormwater modeling and management
  • Climate Change: Impact assessment modeling
  • Extreme Events: Flash floods, downscaling and bias correction
  • Water Quality: Evaluating urban and agricultural BMPs
  • Energy: Biomass feedstock production; water efficiency in buildings

Facilities & Resources:

  • Water quality sensors, field monitoring equipments
  • Fluids laboratory
  • Water quality analysis laboratory
  • Computational resources: ArcGIS, SWAT, SAS, JMP
  • NC A&T Research Farm

Lab1Students holding steam water quality monitoring equipments. From left: Somsubhra Chattopadhyay and Bhasker Jha (Graduate Students), and Joshua Shaw (senior undergraduate student)


Dr. Jha at the groundwater monitoring station with an undergraduate student