Prospective Graduate Students (MS and PhD)

The Water Research Group at the North Carolina A&T State University is led by Dr. Manoj K. Jha. The key issues and challenges we address through our research are:

  • Watershed modeling for hydrologic response and fate and transport of point and nonpoint source pollution
  • Assessment and quantification of uncertainty in modeling applications
  • Water resources management for water availability and water quality at the watershed scale
  • Impact assessment for climate variability and change in water resources
  • Prediction and impact quantification of land use change
  • Evaluation of best management practices to reduce nonpoint source pollution
  • Statistical methods of trend detection in environmental sciences
  • Modeling application for water resources management: SWAT, MODFLOW, SWMM, etc.

We are always looking for highly motivated and hard working students who are interested in water resources science and engineering. Potential candidate for doctoral study can work with me and pursue research in our group through two interdisciplinary programs: computational science and engineering (CSE) and energy and environmental systems (EES).

If you are interested to work with me, please contact me at:

Dr. Manoj K Jha, P.E.
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
North Carolina A&T State University
Greensboro, NC 27411
Ph: 336-285-3678