Nabil Nassif, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate ProfessorNassif


Contact: 455 McNair Hall
              Ph: (336) 285-3680
              Fax: (336) 334-7126


Ph.D. École de tech. supérieure, Montréal, Canada 2005
M.S. Damascus University 2000
B.S. Damascus University 1991

Teaching Interest

AREN 562 HVAC Systems Design
AREN 364 HVAC Systems Principles
CAEE 340 Numerical Methods
Senior Project II Construction Documents AREN 586

Research Interest

HVAC systems, control system optimization, modeling building energy systems, building system commissioning and fault detection, HVAC optimal controls, intelligent approaches in buildings, heat and mass transfer in building, air duct leakage, and air infiltration

Research Projects

  • Development of the BEMS (Building Energy Management System) Software Based on the Korean Standard, Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement, University of Gachon University, Seongnamsi, Korea. 2016-2021 (PI) $101,000  
  • Engineering Modeling and Computational Research, NSF (co PI) $420,000
  • Developing an Assessment, Control, and Optimization Tool for HVAC Systems. National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST, 2014-2017. (PI)  $253,480.
  • A Comprehensive Energy Assessment for the Michelin Building#30, Michelin Americas Research Company, 2015-2016, $5,289
  • Investment Grade Energy Audit for 17 Buildings. NCAT Facility Department, North Carolina State Energy office, 2013-2022. (PI)  $151,275.  
  • Center for Energy Research and Technology. North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR), 2013-2015 (Co PI) $408,636
  • Center for Energy Research and Technology. North Carolina Department of Commerce (NCDOC), 2011-2013 (Co PI) $316,242
  • Energy Audit and Energy Efficiency Implementation for the City of Satellite Beach. City of Satellite Beach 2010-2011 (PI) $33,322

Selected Publications

  • Nassif, N., K. Rice, B. Shen (2015). Development of a Matlab-Based Integrated Model for Optimal Design and Operation of Heat Pumps. 2015 ASHRAE Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA
  • Gooden, J., N. Nassif, (2015). Modeling and Validation of a DX Heat Pump System Using Artificial Neural Network. 2015 ASHRAE Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA
  • Nassif, N., C. Halls, and D., Freeland. (2014) Optimal Design and Control of Ice Thermal Storage System for a Typical Chilled Water Plant, ASHRAE Transactions 120(1).
  • Lin, Y., N. Nassif, and M. Liu, (2014). Implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures in a Semiconductor Building, Journal of Energy Engineering 111 (4), 34-58 (Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).
  • Nassif, N. (2014). Modeling and Optimization of HVAC Systems Using Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm. International Journal of Building Simulation 7 (3):237-245.
  • Nassif, N. (2013). Single and Multivariate Regression Models for Estimating Monthly Energy Consumptions in Schools in Hot and Humid Climates. Energy Engineering 110 (5), 33-54.
  • Nassif, N. (2012). A robust CO2-based demand-controlled ventilation control strategy for multi-zone HVAC systems. Elsevier, Energy and Buildings 45:72-81.
  • Nassif, N. (2012). The Impacts of Air Filters on the Performance of Typical Air-Conditioning Systems.  International Journal of Building Simulation 5(4): 345-350.