ENGAGE 2BE Program

What is ENGAGE 2BE?Engage2Be

The goal of the ENGAGE 2BE Engineers Program is to provide mentoring,   academic support, stipends and professional development for students at North Carolina A&T State University interested in pursuing careers in Bioengineering, Biological and Environmental Engineering.

How can ENGAGE 2BE help me?

The ENGAGE 2BE program will help you identify your academic, personal and professional strengths. These skills can help you as you study for classes, become leaders in student organizations,  participate in undergraduate research, and pursue graduate school.  Each month we will offer programs which help you to gain personal and professional development which can help you build your skills to become an engineer. 

 How do I Apply?

Click here for an application. Return forms to Dr. Luster-Teasley, Dr. McCullough or Professor Bailey. Applications available from August 20—August 30, 2012.  Due September 6, 2012.

For more information: Email: engage2be@gmail.com

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