Lead Program

LEAD: Leaders Enhancing Academic Development

This program was begun in the College of Engineering in Fall 2014, as an effort to address the low percentage of our freshmen successfully completing Calculus I the first time in their first semester of college. This ongoing effort strives to address undergraduate student retention and success in engineering and computer science via the following three goals:

(a) improving freshman performance in math courses,

(b) developing study skills in freshman, and

(c) developing leadership skills among upperclassmen.


The program selects a group of upperclassmen with a superior academic record and with a desire to provide academic mentoring to the freshman class. This carefully selected group of undergraduates are trained by the faculty organizers of this program, to lead study sessions on four evenings each week with a focus on Calculus I and Precalculus.

The program has led to:

- the development of leadership skills among the upperclassmen delivering these sessions,

- significantly better performance in Math by freshmen, and

- the development of study skills in these freshmen.

The program is sustained by choosing to run it at the college-level, and the project is primarily funded by the college.