NSF Engineering Research Center

NSF Engineering Research Center

Center Director:  Jagannathan Sankar

Location:  Fort Interdisciplinary Research Center

The center's objective is to transform current medical and surgical treatments by creating the technology for "smart" implants to improve treatment of orthopedic, craniofacial and cardiovascular conditions.

It also will create a vibrant, diverse workforce well-prepared for the NSF Engineering Research Centermultidisciplinary and global challenges of biomedical engineering.  

The ERC's technology will be used in biocompatible and biodegradable implants for reconstruction and regeneration. These implants could include such devices as screws, wires, and plates with the capability for controlled degradation and emission from the body when they've served their purpose.

A device now in testing is a cage to immobilize vertebrae after spinal fusion operations.

 For more information please visit the NSF ERC website.