Meet a few Alums

The 11,120 alumni of the College of Engineering of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University reside in every state in the US, and in more than 93 countries worldwide. We invite you to meet a few of our wonderful Aggie alumni through the links below. 

Meet Tim Atwell
BSCS 1995 Computer Science
Bank of America, Technology Executive for the ATM channel

Tim Atwell

Meet Dr. Stephanie Adams
BS 1989 Mechanical Engineering
Virginia Tech, Department Head of Engineering Education

Stephanie Adams

Meet Pamela Comer Keyes
BSIE 1991 Industrial Engineering
IBM, Strategy & Innovation Program Manager 

Pamela Comer Keyes

Meet Deanna Tinnin
MSIE 2007 Industrial Engineering
Shell Oil, Supply Chain Excellence Operational Analyst 

In Memory of Alumna Deanna Tinnin 1981-2014

Deanna Tinnin

Meet Manuel V. Peace
BSME 1983 Mechanical Engineering
General Motors, Field Performance Assessment 

Manuel V. Peace

Meet Christopher Brooks
BSME 1993 Mechanical Engineering
Nordson Corporation, Director-Operations and Engineering 

Christopher Brooks

Meet Tyrone Jeffers
BSEE 1996 Electrical Engineering
GE Oil and Gas, General Manager of Supply Chain 

Tyrone Jeffers

Meet Nicole Allen
BSEE 2005 Electrical Engineering
Wireless Generation, Consultant 

Nicole Allen

Meet Tim Atwell, BSCS (1995) Bank of America

Tim Atwell

Tim Atwell is Technology Executive for the ATM channel. In this role he is responsible for delivering customer focused self-service technology solutions. Additional responsibilities include vendor management, software and hardware reliability on more than 16,000 ATMs. He is currently leading critical technology efforts aligned to the new consumer strategy to transform our retail and distribution model.

Atwell joined Bank of America in 2005 in Ecommerce Technology where he held a series of roles with increasing responsibility. Beginning as a Sr. Technology Manager developing capability to drive online sales for Deposits products, he moved on to the Sr. Service Delivery role where he jumpstarted key cross channel solutions, enterprise capabilities, and leading the online sales portfolio.

In 2008, Atwell became Service Delivery Executive for Savings and Investments and Deposit Product Innovation lines of business. In this role he was responsible for technology activities to build balance growth, increase revenue, and deliver deposit products with speed to market. Before moving to his current role, Tim was the technology leader for a new customer centric suite of consumer product offerings with value exchange features.

Prior to joining Bank of America, Atwell worked as an Information Technology Leader at General Electric Company with key assignments in the Lighting, Quartz, and Advanced Materials divisions.

Meet Dr. Stephanie Adams, BSME (1989), Department Head of Engineering Education at Virginia Tech

Dr. Stephanie Adams

Alumna Stephanie Adams is a highly accomplished scholar and administrator in the world of engineering education. She is currently a professor and head of the department of engineering education at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. Adams is a past recipient of a National Science Foundation CAREER Award, given to support her goal of designing, developing, and validating a model for the facilitation of effective teaming in the engineering classroom. She also received the American Society of Engineering Education’s 2008 DuPont Minorities in Engineering Award.

In 2006, she was an invited participant at the U.S. Frontiers in Engineering Symposium hosted by the National Academy of Engineering. Adams is an honor graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in 1989. In 1991 she was awarded her master’s degree is systems engineering from the University of Virginia, and she received her doctorate in interdisciplinary engineering from Texas A&M in 1998. She holds membership in a number of organizations and presently serves on the American Society of Engineering Education’s Board of Directors and the National oceanic Atmospheric Administration Interdisciplinary Scientific Environmental Technology Cooperative Science Center’s Advisory Board at North Carolina N.C. A&T.

Meet Deanna Tinnin, MSIE (2007) Shell Oil

Deanna Tinnin

My college journey at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University began in August 2000. Because I was the first person from my immediate family to attend college my parents and I relied heavily on the campus community and its wonderful staff to guide us through my freshman year. I am grateful to my parents (Valeria and Othrell Tinnin) and my Godfather for their support during my transition to college.

N.C. A&T equipped me with the knowledge and technical skills to excel in my career. The two most important skills I leverage in my life are leadership and confidence. The technical skills that set me apart from many of my peers is my experience in Lean Six Sigma. Previously, I worked as an analyst with a focus in Lean Six Sigma.

The relationships I was fortunate to form with my professors and the faculty and staff in the College of Engineering have helped me become the leader I am today.

After earning my Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering I began working for Shell Oil. I have worked for the company for five years. I started in their graduate program and it has been a “Natural fit” ever since. Shell Oil has continued to help me develop into a leader. They value my skillset and even provided me an opportunity to work in Australia.

In my spare time I mentor five students at N.C. A&T by providing coaching and guidance around their classes and career path. In addition, I designate financial gifts to the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering.

A resident of Houston, Texas, I attend Windsor Village Methodist Church. As a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters Program, I serve as big sister to my younger brother Christopher. Additionally, I serve on the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston.

Meet Manuel V. Peace, BSME (1983) General Motors

Manuel V. Peace

The College of Engineering equipped me with strong knowledge and skills in the disciplines of engineering. At various points in time during my career as a mechanical engineer and a manager of engineers, I have applied practically every course of learning. As a result of the technical education and training acquired from the College of Engineering, I have worked successfully on many automotive vehicle programs including occupant safety and restraints systems.

While completing my degree at NC A&T, I was recruited by Bill Newell of General Motors. He was an executive at General Motors at the time, and also a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University College of Engineering. Bill invited me to become a part of the recruiting team, and I am now the coordinator for recruiting at the university for General Motors.

North Carolina A&T State University College of Engineering provided me the foundation for success that I have enjoyed in my professional and personal life. There are three facets of that foundation that stand out most. First, the College of Engineering prepared me academically. In pursuing my degree in mechanical engineering, I was exposed to highly skilled professors who were accomplished in their field, and who cared about my success as a student. The course work was challenging, comprehensive, and contagious in that it ignited in me a desire for mastery of the sciences. The College of Engineering prepared me to compete in an industry that is populated with bright and accomplished engineers and scientists from across the country. Secondly, North Carolina A&T State University College of Engineering helped me develop leadership skills which I exercised among my class mates

I am grateful that God orchestrated the events of my life such that I would become an Aggie and a proud graduate of the North Carolina A&T State University College of Engineering. Aggie Pride!

Meet Christopher Brooks, BSME (1993) Nordson Corporation, Director, Operations and Engineering

Christopher Brooks

More than the engineering skills and discipline that come along with most programs, I believe my creativity was allowed to flourish in the College of Engineering. I was exposed to labs and machine shops that gave me the opportunity to put theory into practice. We spent countless hours in the labs and shops for design of experiments which truly reinforced the class room instruction.

Many students do well with theory, however theory does not translate in industry without practical applications. I think that made me more creative when I begin my first job out of college supporting a manufacturing facility. Every day I looked forward to challenging opportunities that provided me the opportunity to use creative approaches in solving problems.

Since graduating from NC A&T with a mechanical engineering degree, I have had an interesting career enjoying diverse work assignments and the opportunity to travel the world. I have also been blessed to experience the joy of building and protecting my own family. NC A&T was the springboard for every wonderful experience I have had in my adult life and I carry the creativity, determination and love for others that was fostered during my undergraduate experience. I still don’t know what I ultimately want to do when I grow up other than continue to be successful. However, I know the wide ranging skills and interests I gained while at NC A&T will be a great asset to lean on as I pursue that which is in my future.

I tell all young people in college to get as much as they can out of their collegiate experience and truly appreciate every day of their time in the real incubator of life. The crazy world awaits and those years are the ones most of my friends would want to relive for they truly are treasures we will never get back.

Meet Tyrone Jeffers, BSEE (1996) GE Oil and Gas, General Manager of Supply Chain

Tyrone Jeffers

Ty Jeffers is a native of North Carolina. In 1996, he graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University. He joined General Electric’s Electrical Distribution & Control business on the Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP).

During his career, Ty has held Plant Manager positions in Texas and North Carolina. In 2008, Ty was promoted to the General Manager of Supply Chain for Industrial Solutions in Asia, based in Shanghai, China.

Currently, he serves as General Manager of the Supply Chain within the GE Oil & Gas business of Measurement & Controls. In this role, Ty has strategic leadership for the 30 global manufacturing that support the $1.5B business of Flow and Process Technologies within GE Oil & Gas. He directs all manufacturing operations, material inventory, and logistics management. His primary goal is to drive the Supply Chain's continuous improvement mindset to meet all established cost, quality and delivery commitments.

Meet Pamela Comer Keyes, BSIE (1991) IBM

Pamela Comer Keyes

While in high school, my mentor, Mr. Leonard Dunn visited our school to share his Aggie Pride. He spoke about the rich heritage and outstanding programs at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. After visiting the campus, I knew this was the College for me. I had researched engineering and decided on my field of study in the 11th grade. N.C. A&T turned out to be an excellent fit!

College teaches you much more than academics. N.C. A&T taught me more than engineering, which is the core foundation that allows me to stand out amongst my peers.

The faculty in the College of Engineering’s Industrial Engineering Department encouraged student projects and internships which allowed me to experience the workplace before I was fully submerged.

The University offers so much that captures student interest academically and socially so I learned to multi-task, prioritize and manage my time extremely well. The College of Engineering is so tightly woven, it taught me the importance of friendship and supporting one another. As a result, I am constantly inspired to give back. I’ve attended other universities and I can attest to you the academic program at N.C. A&T is strong. It prepared me to excel in graduate studies at other universities and to succeed in my roles post-academia.

It is so important to show appreciation to those who have made a difference in your life professionally, spiritually and academically. Many of us are blessed, while so many struggle daily to gain the same knowledge and opportunities we have been afforded. It is true “To whom much is given, much is required. Giving is vital, especially in these times of economic constraint. I founded the Comer-Dunn Endowment Fund upon these two principles – appreciation and giving.

As a high school student, I was fortunate to have an amazing mentor, Mr. Leonard Dunn. His mentorship not only offered me a “path” it aided me in realizing my goals and aspirations, beginning with entry into the department of Industrial Engineering at N.C. A&T. Recognizing the difference one individual can make in another’s life, it is in Mr. Leonard Dunn’s honor I established a fund to support N.C. A&T State University freshmen students in their quest for excellence.

Meet Nicole Allen, BSEE (2005) Wireless Generation, Consultant

Nicole Allen

I wanted an experience that would encourage me to be the best and teach me how to lead with authenticity and purpose. Instantly, I observed similar values in each of the students and faculty members I came in contact with at NC A&T State University. I knew the college of engineering was a place where I could grow and feel comfortable about who I was and how I chose to be present in the world. I was also captivated by the incredible alumni who were now trailblazers in their industries and communities. Most of all, I was inspired by the commitment of students and graduates to leave NC A&T as conscious leaders ready and willing to provide the best solutions that impact not only our global communities, but those in our own backyard.

Every professor, staff, and dean is invested in student’s long-term success. The college provides each student a unique experience and works collectively to ensure graduates are prepared for not only a single job, but are ready to lead and produce results that place them in position of demand by companies who want more than just great talent. Most importantly, NC A&T prepares students to go beyond being “Just” the best African American engineer. I am proud to be an Aggie and connected to such a stellar group of leaders who are creating and inspiring some of our best thinking of how we drive innovation today.