Student Organizations

Aggie Economics Association (AEA)

The Aggie Economics Association equips students with key attributes which ignite critical thinking application in an adolescent age. Unlike many clubs on campus, the AEA’s sole foundation is to challenge students, whether it is in a debate format or a presentation of economics through the sports world, all AEA sponsored events provoke one to think. This is why the AEA is so essential to our campus because thinking as a whole is such a strong neglect in today’s generation.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ryoichi Sakano

Financially Fit Aggies

The Financially Fit Aggies Program is sponsored by the Aggie Economics Association through the College of Business and Economics. This program is an effort to assist and equip students, faculty, staff, and the community with financial literacy tools. The Financial Trading Room offers programs throughout the academic year. The programs center on personal finance concepts which will assist in preparing our students for their financial future.

Young Investors

The Young Investors Club is also an exciting endeavor. Many young professionals are allowed into an arena that otherwise would not be available. They are allowed first-hand access to organizations in demand to run our country. Young Investors merge the thinking patterns of senators with the thinking patterns of corporations and thus come to a conclusion on what to expect.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Collins Okafor

Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE)

Omicron Delta Epsilon is one of the world's largest academic honor societies. It gives recognition to students and faculty for scholastic attainment and outstanding achievements in economics and applied fields. It sponsors panels at professional meetings as well as the Irving Fisher and Frank W. Taussig competitions. Currently, Omicron Delta Epsilon has 689 chapters located in the world.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Chen