Beta Alpha Psi history

History of the Zeta Sigma Chapter

BETA ALPHA PSI, the national scholastic and professional organization for financial information professionals, was organized February 12, 1919 at the University of Illinois.  Its objective is “to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field.”  This includes promoting the study and practice of accounting, finance and information systems.

The Zeta Sigma Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi was chartered March 22, 1983 on North Carolina A & T State University’s campus.  In its first year, the chapter achieved the honor of Distinguished Chapter.  Beginning in the year 1984-85, the chapter earned the highest recognition as a Superior Chapter.  The Zeta Sigma chapter is the only one in North Carolina to achieve the highest honor, Superior status, for 32 consecutive years. 

The chapter has been recognized numerous times for National awards.  During the 1990’s, Zeta Sigma Chapter placed third in the National Undergraduate Manuscript Contest and nominated a winner of the Business Information Professional of the Year (BIPOY) Award, Bernie Milano.  The chapter hosted the Southeast Regional Meeting in 1993 and the National Student Seminar in 1997.  In the 2000’s, the chapter earned Honorable Mention in the National Undergraduate Manuscript Contest and nominated two winners of the BIPOY Award, Dmitri Stockton and Kecia Williams-Smith.  In 2012, Jewel Livingston was a member of the 1st Place Team in Project Run With It and one of our three Best Practices Teams placed 2nd at the Southeast Regional Meeting.  Dean Quiester Craig was nominated for and won Dean of the Year in 2013.  In 2014, the Zeta Sigma Chapter hosted the Southeast  Regional Meeting in Orlando, FL, competed in all three Best Practice categories, and made an Operations Presentation.  The Collaborations Best Practice Team placed 2nd at the Regional Meeting.  In 2015, chapter competed in two Best Practice categories, Financial Literacy and International Impact.  Payton Sartin and Ashley Patterson won the regional and the national Best Practice—International Impact competition.  Najjuwah Walden, a 2015 Finance student, was a member of the 1st Place Team in the Project Run With It competition in Milwaukee, WI.

 In its 30-Year history, the Zeta Sigma Chapter has had five Faculty Advisors, Dr. Mark Kiel, Dr. Helen Kennedy, Dr. Gwendolyn Highsmith-Quick, Dr. Ida Robinson-Backmon and Dr. Lisa Owens-Jackson.  Our administrators have served the national organization on many occasions.  Dr. Helen Kennedy served as Southeast Regional Director, Dr. Mark Kiel served as Vice President of Administration, and Dean Quiester Craig served as the Dean’s Representative.  Dr. Gwendolyn Highsmith-Quick has shown dedication to the Zeta Sigma Chapter and to Beta Alpha Psi’s International Organization.  She served as the Faculty Advisor (FA) for more than 15 years and was awarded Outstanding FA in 1996 and 2011. She served as National Director of Chapter Activities and Chapter Development in 2000-2001 and as the Southeast Regional Advocate in 2011-2014.  Past members of the Zeta Sigma Chapter have reached the pinnacle of success becoming presidents of Fortune 100 Companies, partners in International Accounting Firms, and professors at major universities.  Zeta Sigma’s accomplishments reflect the excellence of North Carolina A&T State University.

 Objectives of the Chapter:

1. To achieve GOLD Chapter status.

2. To maintain superior status for the thirty-third consecutive year and for the rest of the Zeta Sigma Chapter’s existence.

3. To sponsor programs that will aid professional and personal development of students in accounting, finance, and management information systems.

4. To provide Principles of Accounting tutorials for students at North Carolina A & T State University.

5. To enhance community relations and have an international impact by volunteering at the Doris Henderson Newcomers’ School.

6. To foster cohesion within the Zeta Sigma Chapter through team building activities.

7. To strengthen professional relationships between the faculty and students of the accounting, finance, and management information systems departments.

8. To inform high school students of opportunities that exist in business information professions and to promote the collegiate studies of such professions.

9. To build networks between students and professionals in accounting, finance, and management information systems through organizational activities.

10. To magnify the presence of the Zeta Sigma Chapter in the School of Business & Economics and throughout the campus of North Carolina A & T State University.

11. To excite the environment by pervading it with professional, community, and social activities.