Entrepreneurial Internship Program

Program Description

The Entrepreneurial Internship program provides an opportunity for students to learn and experience entrepreneurship first-hand either in furthering their own entrepreneurial venture or in another startup, corporate or social venture.  The program exposes students to entrepreneurs as well as acquaints them with the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. 

Each intern works directly with the entrepreneur or senior executive in the company.  Host companies provide projects and an environment that offer students’ experiential learning.  Interns are expected to add value to the work environment and to provide useful deliverables for the company

The internship is for a minimum of 260 hours, may be paid or unpaid, and is open to all students.

Program Objectives 

The objectives of the Internship program are to:

  • Provide students with experiential learning in entrepreneurial work environments which could lead to employment opportunities for the interns or confidence to start their own companies.
  • Help students incorporate principles learned in the entrepreneurship curriculum to an actual entrepreneurial venture
  •  Provide students the opportunity to build a relationship with an experienced entrepreneur who will provide guidance and support for the student’s entrepreneurial career..
  • Help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs for Greensboro and the Triad.



  1. Juniors and seniors of any major in good standing enrolled in NCA&T.
  2. Candidates must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA
  3. Candidates must have completed the prerequisite courses for the internship course.

Internship Opportunities

The Entrepreneurial Internship Program offers four options for our students.  Students may choose to intern in a startup, corporate or non-profit business setting.

  • Startup Entrepreneurship Internship Program - Working on your own venture
    This internship is for students interested in starting or building their own entrepreneurial ventures.  The program encourages student ventures and provides the opportunity for students to develop valuable entrepreneurship skills working on their own ventures.
    To be eligible for this internship, the student entrepreneur must submit a work plan outlining what will be accomplished during the internship, e.g. prototypes, marketing plan, business plan, accessing capital, financial projections, etc.  Students may apply as an individual or a team.
  • Startup Entrepreneurship Internship Program – Startup Company
    Through the internship program, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation matches companies with talented students who are interested in making a difference in the Greensboro and Triad business communities. The program is designed to support startups by providing interns that will complete an entrepreneurially focused project for the organization, e.g. market research, business plan, database development, accounting records, graphic design, etc.
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship Internship Program
    The Corporate Entrepreneurship Internship Program connects talented students with our corporate partners and other corporations throughout the United States.  The program is designed to support corporate objectives as well as provide an educational experience for students.
  • Social Entrepreneurship Internship Program
    The Social Entrepreneurship Internship Program matches students with social ventures    (for profit or non-nonprofit). The program will be our interest to students who want to use their talent and entrepreneurial spirit to make a difference in the community.  Some possible projects are, program management, developing marketing/fund raising strategy, implementing new initiatives, etc.

Application and Selection Process

Step 1 – CEI recruits companies to participate in the internship program.  At the beginning of the semester, students will apply for an internship by submitting an application and resume to the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  Students, with the approval of the program director, may also identify companies for their internship.

Step 2 – Students are matched with companies based on their interest and the project requirements. Students will contact the company to schedule an interview after which the company will select the ideal student for the internship.  The Center Director and the company internship coordinator/Company Representative will serve as resource persons to the selected intern to provide additional support and guidance

Step 3 – The intern and company representative are invited to an internship kick off/orientation meeting in which they will be briefed on the internship expectations and requirements.  They will also learn about the internship deadlines, and will be provided with the paperwork required for the internship.

Interns and company representatives will have the opportunity to network and confirm the scope of the internship and the deliverables.  A wrap-up event may be held at the end of the semester for interns to present their project outcomes.

Academic Credit

Each student will register for the Entrepreneurial Internship Course (MGMT 398-3 Credit hours) at North Carolina A&T State University.  A Pass/Fail grading scale will be used. 

How to Apply 

Students must: 

  1.  Complete an Internship Application and the University’s Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement
  2.  Provide a professional resume
  3.  Attend an interview with Internship Director, if required
  4.  Demonstrate a strong interest in pursuing entrepreneurship, and Register for the Entrepreneurial Internship Course.           

Internships through the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation may be paid or unpaid.  Please review the different internship programs.  If you are interested, submit your resume and application to Dr. Thaddeus McEwen, mcewent@ncat.edu or 336-285-3356.

Internship Application Form
Intern Agreement Form
Employer Agreement Form