Faculty Fellows in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The program is open to all full-time NC A&T faculty members from all disciplines and academic areas on the campus. Faculty members can be of any rank, and can have been at the university for any period of time. We are seeking faculty interested in integrating an entrepreneurial mindset and related concepts, tools, and experiences into their teaching, research or outreach activities.

The Project

Four types of projects can qualify:

  • Development of a new course in entrepreneurship related to the faculty member’s discipline or a new course with entrepreneurial content
  • Modification of an existing course to include entrepreneurship content
  • Pursuit of a scholarly research project that examines some aspect of the faculty member’s discipline and an element or dimension of entrepreneurship
  • Design and implement a community engagement project that combines aspects of entrepreneurship and the faculty member’s discipline, including some type of social entrepreneurship initiative.


Financial support for the Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows Program is based on monies from the Office of the Provost and private donors. It provides a limited pool of funds that can be used to support the project of the faculty fellows. Each fellow will receive a two-semester stipend to support the development of his/her project.

Apply to be a Fellow

Applications to become an Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellow are accepted by June 1 each year.

If accepted into the program, the faculty will receive the designation “Entrepreneurship Fellow – Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.”


Entrepreneurship Fellows Application