Undergraduate Focus


Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree


The Sport Science and Fitness Management degree will prepare undergraduate students for careers in a variety of sport, fitness or recreation environments. Graduating seniors apply their knowledge and skills to real-world problems through internships in a variety of health, wellness, sports and other recreational settings. Graduates of the program possess the knowledge and skills needed to conduct and interpret assessments of health and fitness, as well as to determine safe and effective exercise programs.  Employment opportunities for the SSFM major may include:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Wellness Coach
  • Fitness Specialists in Cardiac Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Sales Representatives in Pharmaceuticals and Medical and Fitness Supplies

Sport Science and Fitness Management Degree Options  

In addition to the core coursework required for a degree in Sport Science and Fitness Management, students also take courses in other areas of interest including Business Administration, Leisure Studies, or Physical Therapy prerequisites (Pre-Physical Therapy). Students will graduate with a degree in Sport Science and Fitness Management with additional course work in one of the three options. Course requirements are different for each option, so students must identify their desired option when admitted to the university.

CURRICULUM OPTIONS: Please visit the following links for more information about each programoption within the SSDM degree program.


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