College of Health and Human Sciences

Within CHHS Student Resources, you will find everything from Aggie Access Online to Veteran and Military Affairs. CHHS Student Resources will be available to help you with needs as you achieve your goals in academia. Let us start with Academic Support, in academic support, you will find tutoring services and supplemental instructions to help you through any challenging subjects.  Please use this centralized resource to guide you to any important resource to achieve your goals.

Student Resources


University Forms are available to you if you need them to complete a specific function within your academic functions or as a student worker. 




CHHS College Forms

Academic Plan of Action

Advisors use the Academic Plan of Action form to list the courses that an at-risk student must register for and agree to complete those courses with a C or higher.

Change of Major

A student who wants to change his or her major would complete this form, get the necessary signatures from the current and intended chairs and deans. The form must then be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

FERPA Consent Form

By signing this form, you give consent to disclose your educational records to your parent(s), legal guardian(s), or other designated person(s). The purpose of the consent is to allow NC A&T to release educational record(s) or information contained in your educational records. Such information includes course schedules, reports of concern, grades, disciplinary records, and student account information.

Permission to Take a Course at Another Institution

Students in good academic standing who wish to take an equivalent NC A&T course at another accredited college or university must complete and submit this form to the Office of Transfer Articulation prior to taking courses at another institution.

Readmit/Suspension/Dismissal Waiver Request Form 

Advisors complete this form when a student is seeking readmission to the university after sitting out for at least one semester due to personal or academic reasons. The university’s readmission policies are listed on the back of the form.


Curriculum Guides

When you have an advising session with your CHHS advisor it is important that you have your curriculum guide in front of you when you choose your courses. The curriculum guide link will be available to you as a tool for your success at CHHS Student Resources.