Description of edTPA 

edTPA is a nationally based subject-specific assessment of teacher performance developed by Stanford University. It is completed by teacher candidates to demonstrate their ability to enact the teaching cycle of planning, instruction, and assessment (see graphic below).  edTPA is intended to be used as a summative assessment given at the end of an educator preparation program for program completion or teacher licensure. There are three components to the edTPA portfolio; planning for instruction and assessment, instructing and engaging students in learning, and assessing student learning. Candidates use subject-specific rubrics with a five level progressive scale to complete the portfolio. NCA&T Educator Preparation programs are in the implementation stages of edTPA. 

Teacher Effectiveness Committee Members

The CEPP Teacher Effectiveness Committee is responsible for advising policy and procedures as relates to the the implementation of edTPA for NC A&T Educator Preparation programs.  Members of the committee are:

Dr. Loury Floyd, Associate Dean, Educator Preparation

Dr. Kimberly Erwin, Associate Dean, Student Services and Educator Engagement

Dr. Marlene Hendricks, Secondary English

Dr. Nakeshia Williams, Assistant Professor

Dr. Charles Vaughn, Secondary Music 


edTPA Official Website:https://www.edtpa.com/

AACTE edTPA Website (with resource library):http://edtpa.aacte.org/

Links to professional development opportunities

Click on the following links for information on edTPA professional development opportunities for faculty: 

National edTPA Conference: dtpa.aacte.org/events

NC-ACTE Fall Forum: http://edtpa.aacte.org/events