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The PH.D in Leadership Studies is a minimum 48 credit hour program. Following is a delineation of the required coursework for completion of the program (see program brochure).

Core Courses 12 credit hours

LEST 800 Leadership Theories

LEST 802 Decision Making Theories and Strategies

LEST 810 Ethics and Social Responsibility in Leadership

LEST 818 Organizational Structures and Strategic Planning

Admission to Candidacy

LEST 991 Qualifying Exam (Comprehensive examination)

RESEARCH-Minimum of 12 credit hours


LEST 815 Research Design & Methodology

LEST 860 Qualitative Research

LEST 862 Quantitative Research

Choose One (1) Additional Research Methodology Course

LEST 817 Field Studies in Global Leadership

LEST 861 Computer Aided Research

LEST 863 Statistical Applications & Interpretations

LEST 864 Ethnographic Methods

LEST 865 Mixed Methods Research

LEST 870 Internship in Leadership

LEST 885 Qualitative Coding/Seminar in Dissertation Writing

Other appropriate methodology course

Dissertation Proposal Development and Defense

LEST 995 Doctoral Preliminary Exam

Areas of Study Minimum 12 credit hours

Select one of the following Leadership Studies Tracks:

*African American Leadership Studies

*Leadership for Diversity and Educational Justice

*Transformative Leadership for Civic and Community Engagement

*Leadership for K-20 Diversity & Education

*Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies

LEST 850 Leadership in Global Economy and Society (Required course for all tracks)

DISSERTATION---Minimum of 12 credit hours

LEST 997/999 Continuation of Dissertation