Preliminary/Qualifying Examination

Upon completing all required professional identity courses, doctoral students must take the Preliminary Examination. The Preliminary Examination is also referred to as the qualifying or comprehensive examination in the Graduate School Catalog. Each student in the program is required to complete a Comprehensive Preliminary examination upon completion of their core courses with the exception of internship and the dissertation courses. The Preliminary Examination is a two day six hour (6-hour) comprehensive examination covering two domains. One domain of the evaluation assesses the student’s knowledge in research methodology.  The second domain assesses the student’s knowledge in Professional Practice. The student is required to complete and pass the comprehensive examination to advance to candidacy. The Comprehensive Exam Study Guide provides a framework for preparing for the examination. Only students with unconditional status and in good academic standing may take the Preliminary Examination. A student who wants to retake the Preliminary Examination must apply to retake the Preliminary Examination more than twice. A student not recommended for re-examination or who fails the exam on a second attempt may be dismissed from the doctoral program. The written comprehensive exam will be evaluated by the Comprehensive Examination Review Committee which includes the coordinator of the Program Coordinator and a minimum of two additional faculty members.

Students must obtain a grade of Pass from the majority of the review committee in order to pass their comprehensive examination. If the majority of the review committee does not Pass the student’s revised comprehensive examination, then the student does not pass their comprehensive examination and must retake them. A student is allowed to take the examination twice. Upon not passing after the second administration, the student is matriculated out of the program.