Student Learning Outcomes

Program Student Learning Outcomes for School Counseling:

  1. The MS in School Counseling students will demonstrate theoretical and practical competencies, which indicate that they are prepared to function effectively as school counselors.
  2. The MS in School Counseling students will demonstrate competence in inquiry and the production and utilization of research.
  3. The MS in School Counseling students will engage in problem solving related to professional issues as well as demonstrate understanding of legal and ethical concerns in the counseling profession.
  4. The MS in School Counseling students will apply professional counseling skills in a multicultural environment. 

Students in school counseling will demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and application in:

  1. Classroom guidance and instruction        
  2. Developing and coordinating student support activities, including assessment and the use of diagnostic information
  3. Managing counseling programs to meet the academic, personal, and social needs of students
  4. Developing consultation skills suitable for working with all members of
  5. The school and community environments – students, parents/families, teachers, administrators, as well as community agencies
  6. Establishing and maintaining individual and group counseling relationships
  7. The ethical standards of the American Counseling Association, (ACA)
  8. Preparing individuals for positions as school counselors