Professional Development

The importance of the development of one’s professional identity as a counselor is embedded in our program. School counseling students participate in a number of professional development activities throughout their matriculation. Professional development opportunities are integrated in classes, facilitated by the department, and accessed from professional counseling organizations. Faculty and students are members of professional counseling associations and typically participate in local, state, national, and international conferences. These include 

  • American Counseling Association Annual Conference
  • American School Counseling Association Conference
  • Belize School Counsellor Association Conference
  • Fall Family Conference
  • North Carolina School Counselor Association Conference (NCSCA)
  • North Carolina Counseling Association Conference (NCCA)
  • Rehabilitation of Ethnic and Racial Minority with Behavioral Addictions (REMBA) Conference

Furthermore, students collaborate with faculty in scholarship activities. Recent publications include

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