Financial Aid & Assistantships

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available to qualified individuals. The student is assigned to assist a professor or a department twenty hours per week for the duration of the assistantship.  The assistantship offers a stipend that will assist a student to pay required tuition, fees, books, board, and lodging.  Application for an assistantship must be made to the Dean of the Graduate College (120 Gibbs Hall) at least five months before registration. Only full-time graduate students are eligible. Requests for other sources of financial assistance should be directed to the Graduate College.

A graduate student entering the University should apply for financial aid at the same time he/she applies for admission. A financial aid award will not be made until a student is admitted to the University. A graduate student who applies for financial aid is eligible to be considered only for loan assistance and for campus employment. All applicants must re-apply for financial assistance each academic year and separately for a summer session. Financial Aid in not an automatic process. Full time enrollment requires 9 credit hours.