Current Students

Registration Information

Twice a year, a time is set aside for students to receive advisement and to register for courses for the following semester. The specific dates for advisement and early registration are identified in the academic calendar that is published each semester in the Schedule of Classes booklet. Students should meet with their advisors to discuss course selections.  Advisors will provide each advisee his or her PIN (Personal Identification Number), which have been assigned by the University Registrar. Following advisement, students may register online using their PINs or on BANNER (found in the Current Students drop down menu). BANNER enables students to register for classes, drop classes, review financial aid information, and view their academic record including final course grades. Complete registration instructions, including BANNER instructions, are available through the Registrar’s office. Students are responsible for keeping up with their PINs once they are established in the BANNER system.

Note 1:  All graduate students must maintain continuous registration during fall and spring semesters or be dropped from the rolls by the Graduate School and forced to reapply in order to continue studies. Students who have completed all coursework with the exception of taking the Comprehensive Examination and/or applying for graduation must enroll for at least three (3) semester hours.

Note 2:  All major courses must be taken in the counseling program at NC A&T State University.


The following academic procedures and process will serve to assist graduate students as they matriculate through the counseling program. After acceptance into the Department of Counseling, each student will be assigned an advisor. The academic advising process serves to: 

  • Assist students in planning a program of vocational interest and professional study.
  • Identify student learning blocks and related obstacles to career or educational progress.
  • Recognize students’ skills, abilities, aptitudes, and interests leading to appropriate career selection.
  • Periodically assess student’s academic progress and career goals.
  • Advise students in appropriate course selection, taking into account appropriate sequence and required pre-requisites.
  • Advise students of all requirements for graduation.
  • Refer students to appropriate remedial developmental services.
  • Provide students with any other assistance deemed necessary.
  • Prepare students to register for courses each semester.

Once students are assigned an advisor, they will remain with that advisor throughout the program. Students will not change advisors unless so directed and approved by the department chairperson. All departmental advising is done in accordance with the University Academic Advisement Handbook.

Plan of Study

The student is expected to work collaboratively with their advisor to develop the program of study and to complete the Program Plan of Study form which will provide a blue print of study tailored to the unique interests and pace of study identified by the student. The student will receive a copy of the approved Program of Study, another copy is maintained in the departmental student file, and the third copy is sent to the School of Graduate Studies. See the Graduate Bulletin for further instruction on completing the Plan of Study.

Students are required by the School of Graduate Studies to maintain a 3.0 grade point average overall. The Department requires students to maintain an overall 3.0 grade point average in professional core courses. Students whose averages fall below 3.0 in either case may be restricted in the number of hours for which they will be allowed to enroll and subject to other action including probation and dismissal contingent upon the recommendation of the School of Graduate Studies.

Liability Insurance and Personal Counseling

Liability insurance is required for all students enrolled in internship and lab courses such as group counseling and other courses that require field placement where counseling services are involved.

Policy Statement: Beginning Spring 2006, all students admitted to the counseling program in the Department of Counseling are required to participate in a minimum of three (3) individual counseling sessions.  This requirement must be fulfilled prior to registering for COUN 735: Counseling Methods.  Students who do not complete the Personal Counseling Requirement will not be able to enroll in the course.

Students may work with any counselor of their choice in the counseling experience.  This includes private practice, agency, and University counselors.  The counselor must be a licensed professional counselor.  Students are required to complete a minimum of three (3) individual counseling sessions with the counselor.

Each student is responsible for submitting the Completion of Personal Counseling Requirement Form to the Department office indicating that the three (3) session requirement has been met.  Students must also submit a copy to the COUN 735 – Counseling Methods instructor at the outset of the course.  Students who do not submit the Form will be required to drop the course.