Grievance Procedures

A conflict between a graduate student and a professor should begin with open communication. If resolution is not achieved, the student may meet with the department's chairperson. Any grievance involving grade appeals must be submitted in writing to the chairperson. If a satisfactory agreement is not reached, then the student may apply to the department chair who will forward the letter to the dean of the College of Education who forwards the appeal to the College of Education Grade Appeal Board.

The College of Education Grade Appeal Board serves to review formal petitions from students appealing their final grades. Such petitions will be considered after the student has exhausted all existing levels of appeal, (i.e., the instructor, the department chair) and petitioned the school dean.  It is the responsibility of the Board to make a recommendation to the Dean of the College of Education.

Specific grade appeal procedures including the grade petition form are available in Room 329 Proctor Hall, the Department of Counseling, and Room 380 Proctor Hall, the office of the Dean of the College of Education.