Suggested Electives for Mental Health Counseling

Presentations for ElectivesStudents are encouraged to take their elective coursework within the Department of Counseling when possible. Courses in Mental Health Counseling -Rehabilitation and School Counseling are readily available to Mental Health Counseling - Clinical counseling students. In addition, graduate level classes in other academic programs such as Adult Education are also available. All electives are selected in consultation with a student’s assigned faculty advisor. A sample selection of available electives is shown below. Adherence to course prerequisites is necessary. For a complete listing of all courses with descriptions, please visit the NCAT Graduate Catalog.

Marriage and Family Counseling

COUN 754 - Advanced Theory and Practice in Family Counseling
COUN 756 - Counseling Couples
COUN 774 - Counseling Poor and Ethnically Diverse Families
COUN 753 - Play Therapy
COUN 757 - Contemporary Issues in Marriage and Family Counseling
COUN 769 - Marriage and Family Counseling in Addictions
COUN 737 - Counseling Older Adults and Aging Families
COUN 728 - Counseling Women and Girls

Career Development

TECH 671 - Methods and Techniques for Workplace Training Development
COUN 775 - Career Counseling and Employment Development
COUN 776 – Principles of Work Adjustment
TECH 600 - Career Development and Work-Based Learning
TECH 661 - Workforce Development Program Planning and Management
TECH 664 - Occupational Exploration for Middle Grades

Substance Abuse Counseling

COUN 716 - Theories and Foundations of Addiction
COUN 767 - Psychopathology and Addictions
COUN 768 - Psychopharmocology and Addictive Behaviors
COUN 769 - Marriage and Family Counseling in Addictions

College Counseling

ADED 709 - The Community College and Postsecondary Education
ADED 778 - Student Personnel Services
COUN 773 - Advanced Psychopathology and Treatment Planning
COUN 775 - Career Counseling and Employment Development

Other General Electives

COUN 705 - International Experience in Human Development and Services I
COUN 732 - Integrating Clinical and Spiritual Dimensions of Counseling
COUN 733 - Trauma Theory and Treatment
COUN 734 - Trauma and Interpersonal Violence
COUN 738 - Psychopathology and Treatment Planning in Rehabilitation Counseling
COUN 743 - Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Disability
COUN 755 - International Experience in Human Development and Services II
COUN 761 - Behavioral Medicine
COUN 764 - Case Management and Vocational Planning
COUN 778 - Psychodiagnosis and Report Writing
SPED 661 - Introduction to Exceptionality
SPED 667 - Specific Learning Disabilities
SPED 668 - Child and Youth Behavioral Disabilities
SPED 748 - Special Education Assessment and IEP Development

Special Topics Electives

The department also periodically offers special topics courses (COUN 685, formerly HDSV 751) related to focused areas in counseling. A sampling of these courses can be found below. Students are permitted to take no more than two special topics courses as electives during their matriculation.

Counseling Wellness
Grief Counseling