North Carolina Principal Fellows Scholarship

The NC Principal Fellows Program is an essential component of the MSA Degree Program at North Carolina A&T State University. Students who are admitted to the MSA degree program at North Carolina A&T State University and who have applied and been accepted by the North Carolina Principal Fellows Commission, receive a financial scholarship loan in the amount set by the state legislature each year. The scholarship loans must be paid back, if, upon graduation from the MSA program, the recipient does not render a minimum of 5 years service as a school administrator to the state of NC.

The Principal Fellows program was established to ensure that highly qualified students are able to earn the Master of School Administration degree in two years on a full-time basis and to provide a cadre of well prepared School Executive candidates to all North Carolina public school districts. 

Please visit to read more about the program, to access the application, and to read endorsements of the program written by former Principal Fellows recipients.

To receive more information on the MSA program at North Carolina A&T State University , please contact Dr. Ereka Williams, Interim Chairperson, North Carolina A&T State University Coordinator of Principal Fellows, or 285-4433.