School Administration Program

The faculty and staff in the School Administration Program at North Carolina A&T State University are delighted that you are visiting our site, perhaps with an interest in admission to our MSA degree program or our Licensure-only certificate.  As Program Coordinator, I want you to know that we are fully committed to serving you - our students, interested applicants, school partners and community.

The work of school leadership is tough and challenging, and yet, so rewarding. Our children - all children, deserve excellent schools, and this begins with an excellent leader. School leaders, also referred to as School Executives, must be that perfect combination of intellectual, practical, engaging, assertive, resilient, culturally proficient, and accountable. In our School Administration program, here at North Carolina A&T State University, we prepare future school leaders who will embody these characteristics through the work they do with teachers, students and parents.

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Please direct additional inquiries about the following information to Dr. Ereka Willaims, Interim AIS Chairperson or Mrs. Gertrude Pennix, Program Associate