Program Description

The School Administration Program is situated within the Department of Administration and Instructional Services of the College of Education at North Carolina A&T State University. Our program offers two options for obtaining the state required preparation for school leadership positions. One is the MSA degree which includes licensure as a school administrator, and the other is the licensure-only (certificate) in School Administration (not a degree).

Both the Master of School Administration Degree Program and the Licensure (certificate) program are designed to prepare exemplary School Executives for the public schools of North Carolina and the nation. Both programs reinforce the mission of the University and the School of Education to prepare education professionals as facilitators of learning.

Program objectives are achieved through carefully structured coursework, related enrichment activities, field-based study and performance-based clinical and internship experiences.

Program content is aligned with the North Carolina Standards for School Executives, the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium standards for school leaders (ISLLC), and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) for advanced programs in Educational Leadership. Completion of the MSA program leads to licensure as a School Executive in North Carolina.

Relevant accreditations endorsing our program include:

For more information about the School Administration Program at North Carolina A&T State University, please contact Dr. Ereka Willaims, Interim AIS Chairperson or Mrs. Gertrude Pennix , Office Associate