Institutional Report Addendum Exhibits

Standard 1

1.1 Disposition Survey Data.pdf

1.2 Teacher Education Interview Data.pdf

1.3 Cooperating Teacher and University Supervisor Field Experience Evaluation.pdf

1.4 Clinical Practice Performance Form Evaluation.pdf

1.4.f.3 Aggregate Data on Key Assessments of Dispositions.pdf

1.4.f.2 Mean Philosophy of Education Score by Initial Program.pdf

1.5 Electronic Evidence 3 Scores by Initial Program.pdf

1.6 Electronic Evidence 5 Scores by Initial Program.pdf

1.7 Exit Survey Disposition Data on Families, Colleagues, Communities.pdf

1.8 MAT Field Experience Evaluation.pdf

1.9 MAT Clinical Practice Evaluation.pdf

1.12 JMSW Candidate Disposition Field Ratings 2011 - 2014.pdf

1.13 Promoting Affective Educational Environments.pdf

1.14 AGED Professional Communication and Collaboration.pdf

1.15 AGED Professional Learning Community.pdf

1.16 AGED Diversity Management Plan Families and Communities.pdf

1.17 MSA DRF Screenshot.pdf

1.18 Disposition Instrument and Sample Feedback (Redacted).pdf

1.19 MAT Technology Education EE 5 Differentiated Work Sample Scores.pdf

1.20 BS Elementary Education EE 5 Differentiated Work Sample Scores.pdf

1.21 MAED Reading Electronic Evidence 1 Classroom Base Entry Document and Rubric.pdf

1.22 IHE Reports 2011 - 2014.pdf

1.23 UNC Deans Council Agendas.pdf

1.24 SOE Faculty Meeting Minutes.pdf

1.25 Data Institute Minutes  08.20.13.pdf

1.26 TEC Meeting Minutes (02.19.13 and 10.15.13).pdf

1.27 SOE Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes.pdf

1.28 Required North Carolina Licensure Examinations.pdf

1.29 Electronic Evidence 3 Content Area Instructional Unit Directions.pdf

1.29 Electronic Evidence 5 Differentiated Instruction Teacher Work Sample Directions.pdf

1.30 Electronic Evidence 5 Differentiated Teacher Work Sample Directions.pdf

1.31 Advanced Program Comprehensive Examination Matrix.pdf

1.32 Sample Advanced Program Comprehensive Examinations.pdf

1.33 Institutional Effectiveness Reports for Other School Professionals.pdf

1.34 SOE Annual Reports 2011 - 14.pdf

1.35 Field Experience Evaluation (Redacted).pdf

Standard 2

2.1 Institutional Effectiveness Reports for Distance Learning Programs.pdf

2.2 Focus Group Responses from P-12 Cooperating Teachers.pdf

2.4 Annual Clinical Faculty Evaluation Rubric.pdf

2.4.b.1 Mean Candidate Cumulative Benchmark GPA by Advanced Program.pdf

2.4.b.2 Mean Candidate GRE Scores by Advanced Program.pdf

2.4.b.5 Admission Data.pdf

2.4.b.5 Advanced Candidates Interview Scores on Admission.pdf

2.6 Assessment Graphic.pdf

2.7 Sample Student Opinion Form (Redacted).pdf

2.8 Sample Faculty Professional Development Plan.pdf

2.9 Sample DFW Report.pdf

Standard 3

3.1 Model Classroom.pdf

3.2 Agenda of Signature Programs.pdf

3.3 Individualized Candidate Intervention Plan (Redacted).pdf

3.4 Clinical Practice Placement History and School Demographics.pdf

3.6 Clinical Practice Student Teaching Internship Handbook.pdf

3.8 Partnership Update to Chancellor Martin 06.21.14.pdf

Standard 4

4.1 CUIN 210 Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Syllabus.pdf

4.2 Classroom Layout and Cultural Resource Directory Assignment (Redacted).pdf

4.3 Electronic Evidence 3 Content Area Instructional Unit Plan Candidate Work Sample.pdf

4.4 Intern Performance Evaluation.pdf

4.5 Hampton Family Literacy Project.pdf

4.6 SPED 354 Homeless Children in Our Schools.pdf

4.7 Culturally Responsive Crisis Management Plan (Redacted).pdf

4.8 MAED READ Documented Accomplishments (Redacted).pdf

4.9 MS Instructional Technology Leadership Project.pdf

4.10 BS Programs Heat Map.pdf

4.11 CUIN 729 Diversity Issues in K-12 Schools Syllabus.pdf

4.12 MSA 772 Education Administration Syllabus.pdf

4.13 READ 757 Assessment and Literacy Instruction Syllabus.pdf

4.14 Human Resources Policies on EEO and AA.pdf

4.15 Study Abroad Experiences.pdf

4.16 Domestic Exchange Experiences.pdf

4.17 Student Reflections on Exchange Programs (Redacted).pdf

4.18 Professional Conference Presentations and Publications.pdf

4.19 Sample Faculty Attendance at Professional Meetings and Conferences.pdf

4.20 Elimu Learning Center Impact on Student Learning.pdf

Standard 5

5.1 Sample Electronic Evidence Performance Data

5.2 Sample Annual Faculty Evaluation Rubric (Redacted).pdf

5.3 CLOE Professional Development.pdf

5.4 ITSDE Professional Development.pdf

5.5 Faculty and Staff Survey.pdf

5.6 Appendix B-2 Regulations on Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Due Process.pdf

5.7 Unit Evaluation Instruments.pdf

5.8 Direct and Ongoing Involvement and Service to Public Schools.pdf

5.9 SOE Model Classroom Layout.pdf

5.10 Program Coordinators and University Licensure Credentials.pdf

Standard 6

6.1 Advancement Session with Registrar and Starfish Training.pdf

6.2 Advancement Session with GCS Administrators.pdf

6.3 Junior Faculty RPT Workshops.pdf

6.4 NC A&T CAEP Conference.pdf

6.5 NC A&T Computer Labs.pdf

6.6 Technology Support Technician Job Description.pdf

6.7 University Program Specialist Job Description.pdf

6.8 Faculty Instructional Workload.pdf

6.9 Focus Group Responses from Student Teachers and Interns.pdf

6.10 TEC Field Based and Clinical Experience Committee Meeting Minutes.pdf

6.11 MSA Advisory Board Members.pdf

6.12 CUIN End-of-Year Reflection Session Minutes.pdf

6.13 CUIN Clinical Faculty and Adjunct Handbook.pdf

6.14 Technology Assistant Job Description.pdf

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