Individual Student Awards

Dr. Dorothy J. Harris Exemplary Leadership Award

In honor of Dr. Dorothy J. Harris, former Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Development, whose unwavering commitment to leadership and the development of the whole student, enhanced every aspect of A&T’s co-curricular education. This award honors one student who demonstrates exemplary leadership and service to the University, as well as personal and professional development through their involvement and commitment to the co-curricular experience. The criterion for this award is as follows:

  • A member of at least 1 (one) recognized and currently registered student organization
  • Have a cumulative G.P.A. of at least a 3.0
  • Have contributed to the personal and professional development of members of the Aggie community
  • Have displayed a high motivation and a commitment to continued participation in student life at A&T

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A&T Organization Presidential Award

The Student Organization President of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding individual who advanced the mission of his or her organization while challenging and encouraging the membership to advance new initiatives, acquire new skills, and prepared the group for leadership transition and ongoing success. Recognition of accomplishments is limited to the current year of presidency, and should not reflect previous involvement within the organization.

  • President of a recognized and currently registered student organization in good standing with the Council of Presidents (COP) and the Office of Student Activities and Campus Involvement (OSA)
  • Must have consistently displayed a high level of enthusiasm and motivation around student life at A&T
  • Demonstrated commitment to excellence in the fulfillment of its purpose and goals of the organization
  • The organization must be free of disciplinary or probate sanctions for at least two years

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Aggie Pride Student Award

Presented to no more than three students who exude Aggie Pride through unselfishly serving and pledging their talents and gifts for the betterment of North Carolina A&T State University and the community. The recipients have demonstrated a commitment to learning through their own personal and professional development while holding to standards that provide inspiration to students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

  • Display principles of integrity, honesty, sound character, and virtuous ethics
  • Utilize personal knowledge, skills, and resources to effectively represent the University
  • Displayed commitment to treating everyone with a high level of appreciation and respect gaining them respect among others

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Student Academic Support Service Award

This award is presented to up to four students, the recipient(s) of this award is an outstanding tutor, volunteer, or peer mentor who has provided exemplary academic assistance and shows a commitment to help other students overcome adversity in their pursuit of higher education. The criterion for this award is as follows:

  • Be a tutor, peer mentor, or volunteer of a recognized academic support unit or student organization
  • Have provided the service no less than one semester of an academic year
  • Have a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Provide references of those she or he has served as well as a reference from the tutorial or volunteer coordinator

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Academic Experience Award

This award is presented to up to four students; the recipient(s) of this award have taken their passion for education outside of the classroom by seeking real-world application for their chosen major by gaining internships. The selected students represent experiences from notable companies, and those not so well known but have provided quality and valuable learning experience or have studied abroad. The criterion for this award is as follows:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0
  • Submit a summary of the internship or study abroad experience, examples of work or a portfolio, etc.
  • Submit an essay explaining how their experiences helped solidify their goals of academic success (graduation in a particular major or service others)
  • Have a reference from someone who can directly speak to student’s experience

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