Housing and Residence Life’s Housing Facilities Team, Housing Maintenance Team, Housekeeping contractors, and the Housing Project Manager are responsible for the physical condition and appearance of 16 residence halls, and nearly 4,000 beds. Our goal is to provide a clean, safe, secure and attractive living environment for potential students, residents and housing staff. We desire to ensure the campus living and learning experience is positive for residents of NC A&T State University students.

The Housing Facilities, Maintenance and Housekeeping Team are comprised of dedicated, skilled, professional staff trained in the various trades required for the maintenance, repair, renovation, cleaning and general upkeep of campus housing facilities. Services offered range from routine maintenance, preventative maintenance, and housekeeping, to project planning, design, and construction.

FIXIT Request Information

Please read carefully the following information before submitting your FIXIT Request Form.

In an effort to better serve our students and staff we have developed our “FIXIT” account. The FIXIT Request Form is an online work order processing system, which allows you to submit room repairs and building concerns within your residence hall. Once the request form is received, the Housing and Residence Life staff will ensure the Housing Maintenance and Facilities, Physical Plant will make repairs as needed.

  • The following issues can be reported through FIXIT, all other issues must be submitted to your hall staff: Damages, Doors, Drains, Elevators, Fire alarm, Flooring, Leaks, Lights, Locks, Mechanical Noise/Failure, Growth or Mildew, Odors, Pests issues, Plumbing (Sinks, Toilets, Showers), Power/Electrical Issues, Smoke detector, Thermostat (Heating or Cooling), Windows.
  • If your residence hall room or suite is in need of a repair or something in your building needs to be fixed, please submit a work request by completing the FIXIT Request Form. Work orders submitted may not be processed until the following business day.
  • If your request needs immediate attention please contact your Residence Hall Staff.
  • Your FIXIT request will be assigned a work order number, which will be provided to your hall staff.
  • When a maintenance or repair request is made, we assume that we have permission to enter your room or apartment, even if you are not present.
  • Before entering your room, the FIXIT mechanics will knock loudly and pause for a response. If there is no response, they will key into the room, open the door slightly and loudly identify themselves.
  • Your FIXIT technician will leave a Service Notice informing you and the Hall Director of the status of the work.
  • Repairs sometimes require more than one service call due to the ordering of parts or the special skills of a tradesperson.

To obtain a timely response, detailed and accurate information will need to be conveyed. Please submit work requests as early in the day as possible. Normal business hours are (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.), Monday through Friday.

Residents are expected to use care with University facilities and furnishings. When damage occurs in the residence halls, repair and/or replacement costs will be billed to the student(s) responsible. If individual responsibility for damage cannot be determined, the cost may be divided among residents of the room, floor or building. Find specific charges for room damages on pages 36-40 in the Guide for Living on Campus.

Submit A FIXIT Request Form

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