Continuing Students

We are glad you have decided to return to your home away from home! As you approach the next phase of your academic endeavors at the university, we urge you to take part in all the housing community has to offer. It is our goal to be an extension of the classroom where Aggies connect, Aggies dream, Aggies succeed and AGGIES DO!

Contract Release Deadlines

  • Contract Releases without penalty: Before May 10 by 5 p.m.
  • Contract Releases with $500 penalty: Before May 16 by 5 p.m.
  • Contract Releases with 50% of the of the remaining full length of the housing contract for your particular residence hall rate for the year: Starting May 17.

Application Payment Methods

  • Pay the application processing fee online through the My Housing Portal with the housing application process. Credit Cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
  • If for some reason you must pay by check or money order, please mail a check/money order to: 
    North Carolina A&T State University Housing and Residence Life Office
    Aggie Village Building 2
    1601 E. Market Street
    Greensboro, NC, 27411. 
    Your housing application would then be manually completed by our office staff once the check/money order is received.

Steps to Apply

Aggie Housing Portal login credentials 

  • Username: First part of the student's Aggie Gmail account – everything before the @ symbol.
  • Password: First four letters of the student's Aggie Gmail and last four numbers of the student's Banner ID. 
  • AggieHousing Portal

Step 1: NEW! Campus Housing Interest Form (Open from November 18, 2019 until Jan 31, 2020)

  • This allows us to better gauge the demand prior to going into the application process.
  • If you are a currently enrolled student, you will have a chance to complete a Housing Interest form in the Aggie housing portal.
  • To prevent overcrowding of the system in this step, the interest form survey will be sent via email to groups (once the you are given the link, you have until the close date to complete):
    • Current Residents – You will be notified by Residence Hall/University Apartment separately via email giving you a separate start time to access the Housing Interest Form.
    • Currently enrolled Non-Residents – You will be notified by email in groups of 450 by last name giving you a date and time to access the system.
  • This is not an application, no fee is required, and there are no guarantees for housing based on this process. We will use the results gathered as a tool to create and manage the access schedule for the housing application.
  • Please Note: once the Housing Interest Form closes, it will not be reopened and no additional forms will be accepted, for any reason.

Step 2: Application Process (February 24, 2020 – March 6, 2020)

  • If you have completed the interest form in step 1, you will receive access to apply for housing and pay the non-refundable $175 application fee. You will receive an email providing a designated date and time to access the housing application in the Aggie Housing PortalNote: Based on the number of interest forms received, not all students will have an opportunity to apply for housing. Some students will be placed on a waitlist.
    • You will be given access to the housing application based on your current residential status and completed credit hours.
      • Group 1: Current Residents with 59 or less earned credit hours.
      • Group 2: Current Enrolled Students with 59 or less earned credit hours
      • Group 3: Current Residents with at least 60 but less than 90 credit hours
      • Group 4: Current Enrolled Students with at least 60 but less than 90 credit hours
      • Group 5: Students with 90 or more credit hours
      • Waitlist: If you are not able to complete an application and you completed a housing interest form, you will be added to a wait list and sent individual emails as spaces become available.
  • How the process will work: Groups of 200 students will receive access to the application at separate times of each day over a 2-week period until the projected number of returning student spaces are filled.
  • The student housing contract and contract release penalties are effective immediately upon submission of the housing application.

Step 3: Hall/Room Self-Selection Process (April 29, 2020 – May 6, 2020)

  • Approximately 250 students per 3-hour block will have access to the select their housing assignments.
  • Majority of the Continuing Students will reside in University Apartments (Aggie Pointe, Aggie Terrace, Campus Edge Collegiate Commons, Preeminent Pointe and Sebastian Villages) and suite-style residence halls with limited options (Aggie Suites E & F, Aggie Villages (Blair Hall, McCain, McNeil Hall, Richmond Hall), and Pride Hall).
  • Checklist items must be completed before you receive access to select your room:
    • Registered for 12 or more credit hours.
    • Completed Housing Application.
    • Completed FAFSA (if applicable).
  • View more details about our assignment process.

Housing Waitlist Process

  • Housing and Residence Life will begin working through the waitlist on Wednesday, May 20, 2020. Emails will be sent to students on the waitlist through July 22, 2020 to complete the housing application. Students must complete the housing application and pay the non-refundable $175 application fee 48 hours upon receipt on the email. 
  • If you are not able to complete an application and you completed a housing interest form, you will be added to a waitlist.
    • Students on the waitlist will be processed/offered a chance to complete housing application and pay the non-refundable $175 based on classification, resident status, and Fall 2020 registration status. (Students must be registered for 12 or more credit hours)
    • You will have 48 hours to complete application upon email notice; if you do not complete application during this time, you will remain of waitlist until next cycle.
  • All remaining students on the waitlist, if any, will be notified if there are no beds available before July 22, 2020.