Marketing and Publicity

Located on this page you will find a list of editable PDF's to use for submitting information to your College of Arts and Sciences Marketing team.  If you have any question about Marketing and Publicity for The College of Arts and Sciences or about what's listed on this page, please contact either Ms. Donna Baldwin-Bradby, Director of Marketing and Publicity or Mr. Kevin Lupo, Graphic Designer and Layout Director for Marketing and Publicity. 

  • News is defined as – Anything that is happening in your department that you feel is of interest to our on campus community and/or the broader community (local, regional, national and international).
  • An event is defined as – Any program that invites an audience/participants from on or off campus to attend. It also should have a date, time, location and may or may not require a fee for the audience/participants. These events

News Submission Form (Editable PDF)

Event Submission Form (Editable PDF)