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During the last three academic years, the College of Arts and Sciences has invested over $200,000 in pedagogical and research innovations. This has led to new projects like the Emporium model.  The Emporiu will be opened this fall, and is one of the hallmarks of the new STEM Center of Excellence for Active Learning that has been funded by the University and the North Carolina GlaxoSmithKline Foundation. Additional innovations include early research experiences for undergraduates through Biology’s SEA PHAGES project. These investments, and others, are richly building an infrastructure for scholarly activity spanning the breadth of disciplines within the College and fostering meaningful and sustainable collaborations among its faculty.


Grant Title


Collaborating Departments

Spring 2012

A Calculus “Student Centered Active Learning Environment with Upside-Down Pedagogies” (SCALE-UP) Adaptation  Model: Phase I

Dominic Clemence, Scott Simkins, Barbara Tankersley, Paranamanathan Varatharajah

Mathematics, ATL

Spring 2012

Addressing Violence through Pedagogical and Research Paradigms

Sharon W. Cook (PI), Maura Nsonwu, Chiquitia Welch-Brewer, Wayne Moore, Mary Lewis, Elizabeth Watson

Sociology and Social Work

Spring 2012

Transformative, Interdisciplinary Research for Faculty and Student Studying Complications of Diabetes

Elimelda Ongeri (PI), Catherine White, Jian Han, Ethel Gordon, Scott Harrison, Vinaya Kelkar, Justin Zhan, Steven Hurley

Biology, Computer Science, Animal Science

Spring 2012

Writing Our Way Up! Generating Student Success Through Teacher Excellence

Faye Spencer Maor (PI), Patricia Bonner, Jason DePolo, Adri-Anne Jones



A-PLUS (Advanced Peer Led Understanding of Sciences): A Proposal to Establish A Chemistry Learning Center and Development of Course Materials that Promote Interactive and Engaged Learning

Venkateswarlu Divi (PI), Margaret Kanipes, Jahangir Emrani, Tanya Pinder



A Full Throttle Pursuit of Next Generation Sequencing Data for Case Studies of Complex Phenotype

Scott Harrison (PI), Chen, Gregory Goins, Margaret Kanipes, Vinaya Kelkar, Dukka KC, Nicholas Luke, Patrick Martin, Perpetua Muganda, Checo Rorie, Justin Zhan

Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computational Science and Engineering, Computer Science


The Global Virtual Learning Lab

Regina Williams (PI), Chinedum Ikegwu, Jose Bravo de Rueda, Luz Marina Buechner, Maria Daily, Robin Buckhram

Liberal Studies/Foreign Languages, Speech, English


PICaM – Physics Instruction Using Computation and Modeling

Abdellah Ahmidouch (PI), Kenneth Flurchick (PI), Samuel Danagoulian, Floyd James, Adebe Kebede, Yu Lang Lin, Diedrich Schmidt, Brian Schuft



Connected, Collaborative Learning Project: An Integrative Approach to Developing Discipline-Specific and Inter-Professional Competencies of Social Work, Theater and Journalism Students

 Chiquitia Welch-Brewer (PI), Frankie Day, Ken Devanney, Mary Lewis, Jila Li, Dr. Maura Nsonwu, Sharon Warren-Cook, and Elizabeth Watson.

Sociology and Social Work, JOMC, VPA/Theatre,


From "Cook-Book" to Guided Inquiry Laboratory Experiments (GILEs): A Pilot Study for Chemistry Laboratory Curriculum Development.

Dr. Sayo O. Fakayode (PI), Dr. Tanya Pender, Dr. Margaret Kanipes, Dr. Zerihum Assefa, Dr. Marion Franks and Dr. Mufeed Basti.