Music Education

About the Program

The Music Education degree program prepares music education students to become accomplished music educators. The faculty is recognized as authors, presenters and educators both nationally and internationally. This fulfills the education requirements for North Carolina music teaching licensure in grades K-12 as well as other states’ certification requirements and is approved by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, National Association of Schools of Music and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Charles J. Vaughan, Ph.D. - Music Education Coordinator, Instrumental Methods, Elementary Methods, Woodwind Pedagogy
Van-Anthoney Hall, Ph.D. - Choral Methods, Vocal Pedagogy
Thomas Warner, M.M. Ed. - Brass Pedagogy
Michael Lasley, D.M.A. - Percussion Pedagogy
Mrs. Eve Hubbard - String Pedagogy

Course Listings and Syllabi 

CUIN 430 - Public School Music Methods (Elementary methods)
CUIN 431 - Choral Methods and Materials 
CUIN 432 - Band Methods (Instrumental methods)
MUSI 425 - Woodwind Pedagogy
MUSI 426 - Brass Pedagogy
MUSI 428 - String Pedagogy
MUSI 430 - Percussion Pedagogy


College of Education


Admission to Educator Preparation is a procedural step for students interested matriculating through the undergraduate music education program. This step must be completed before upper-level CUIN courses are taken. It is usually completed near end of the student's freshman year or shortly after. After successfully completing the requirements listed below, a student is eligible for admission to the Educator Preparation Program. 

- Purchase and create a Task Stream account
- Complete Disposition Survey via Task Stream 
- Minimum overall GPA of 2.8 
- Complete Section 1A Comprehensive TE Profile in Teacher Ed: Profile and Graduation via Task Stream
- Take and pass Praxis Core
- Complete the Notification and Acknowledgement of Criminal Background Form
- Complete Interview

Important Documents - click the links below

NCAT Teacher Education Handbook
Field Experience Handbook
Student Teaching/Clinical Practice

Performing Arts Handbook

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