Scholarships and Awards

Expectations of the Scholarship Recipient

Scholarships are awarded to students selected by the dance program faculty.  The faculty looks for students who demonstrate outstanding performance in the dance company and participation in the dance concentration program. Each scholarship comes with a monetary award to be used towards tuition and books.

Scholarship recipients are expected to be enrolled in the university and in their major during the academic year the application is submitted.  If a student does not return to school the following year to receive the scholarship, it is then forfeited. Other obligations are: 

    1. Students must participate in the E. Gwynn Dance Company the year they receive the scholarship. 
    2. Students are asked to volunteer regular time in the dance program office. 
    3. Students will make themselves available to represent the dance company and the dance program at special programs held on campus.

If a recipient is unable to meet the requirements and expectations of the scholarship criteria, they are asked to immediately notify the dance program faculty.

Department of Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship

Dance students who meet the following criteria and are currently enrolled at NC A&T State University during the semester the scholarship is awarded may apply for The Department of Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship:

    1. At least 24 hrs completed successfully
    2. 3.0 GPA in VPA major, 2.5 overall GPA
    3. Full-time or part-time student
    4. Submission of an informal transcript and a complete application is required.

The student must be enrolled the semester for which he/she receives the scholarship, and the scholarship money must be used for tuition, fees, and/or purchase of textbooks. The scholarship amount to be awarded is contingent upon the available scholarship funds.

The E. Gwynn Dance Company Scholarship

The E. Gwynn Dance Company Scholarship is named after the founding artistic director, Dr. Eleanor Gwynn.  Dr. Gwynn, known to her students and dancers as “Doc”, is a scholar, artist, administrator, and community leader.  This scholarship acknowledges a student who demonstrates similar values as Dr. Gwynn has exhibited such as: academic achievement, artistic performance, leadership, and community service.  The E. Gwynn Dance Company maintains an international and national reputation of excellence.  The company is an ambassador for the university and the city of Greensboro. The dance faculty seeks a recipient of the E. Gwynn Dance Company scholarship who will model the dance company’s philosophy of education and enlightenment through multi-cultural dance arts and continue to strive for excellence. 

The E. Gwynn Dance Company Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to dance concentration students or dance company members who are in good academic standing with the university.  The scholarship amount and number of scholarships awarded are contingent upon funds available each year. Listed below are the criteria.  If you are not selected you may re-apply.  You may receive the scholarship more than once during your tenure as a student.

    1. The student must have successfully completed at least 24 credit hours by the application date with a minimum overall GPA of 3.0.
    2. The student must be an E. Gwynn Dance Company member currently matriculating in the university.
    3. Students must be a member in the dance company for minimum of two consecutive semesters in good standing.  Good standing = documented or confirmed regular attendance at rehearsals and performances, participation in performances, active in dance company committees, assisted with costume construction, and attendance at special programs.
    4. The student must have paid E. Gwynn Dance Company membership dues in full for the year.

This scholarship is awarded in the fall and spring of each year.

The Dennis E. Lowe Scholarship

The Dennis Lowe Scholarship is named in honor of a former E. Gwynn Dancer, the late Dennis E. Lowe. Dennis was a dancer, artist, and photographer for the company. His mark is evident in the logo for the company which is still used today for most dance company paraphernalia. The recipient of this award is a non-traditional dance concentration student, and is required to have a minimum of two consecutive years with the company. The recipient of this award will be selected by the faculty. A student may receive this reward only once.
Rising Star Award
The Rising Star Award was established to recognize dance students who exhibit remarkable potential to excel as performers and/or dance scholars. The dance faculty chooses this award recipient based on work ethic, attitude, ambition, and extraordinary improvement. The award may be given to dance concentration students or members of the E. Gwynn Dance Company of NC A&T SU. A student may receive this award only once.
Eleanor and Spencer Gwynn Scholarship

Criteria for the scholarship: demonstrated leadership qualities, scholarship (2.5 overall and 3.0 in the dance major), dance concentration majors enrolled in the semester that the scholarship is awarded, 50 hours documented community service hours per year, and demonstrate significant contribution to the E. Gwynn Dance Company. 

An application is required.
The Cammie Walker Scholarship

The Cammie Walker Scholarship will be awarded to the dance student who most closely exemplifies Cammie Walker’s characteristics of determination, dependability, and perseverance. The student must show promise in his or her dancing ability and in academic pursuits. A minimum overall GPA of 2.5 with a demonstrated commitment to obtaining a degree from NC A&T will be required for consideration of receiving the scholarship. The student selected for this award must be an active member of the dance company with a one year performance record. The award is renewable yearly until graduation. Students are required to submit a letter of application stating why you feel that you deserve this scholarship. Scholarship availability is based on funding.

Availability of all scholarships is based on funding.