Race, Class & Culture

This concentration will help you understand the role that forces such as race, class, gender, ethnicity, and religion play in shaping human societies and cultures. Integrating ideas from the humanities, social sciences and physical sciences, the concentration will teach you how to "read" your culture and others.

You will learn how to recognize how culture influences identity, representation, knowledge and power. You will learn how to identify, ask questions about and develop answers to cultural problems of contemporary societies.

You will acquire concepts and skills useful for analyzing artifacts such as music, literature, television and film, for scrutinizing institutions and systems such as health care, education and justice, and for examining technologies, industries and corporations.

You will connect the ideas and concepts you study to problems and opportunities in our local, national, and global communities. You will develop new insights into the major issues our culture and other cultures face in this age of globalization and rapid societal change.

The concentration will prepare you for advanced academic programs (M.A. or Ph.D.) that require the ability to (1) apply theory and (2) recognize how groups and societies reconcile their histories, build community and confront the future.

The Race, Class and Culture Concentration will help you succeed in positions that call for critical thinking, writing, reading, and "people" skills, whether in the private or public sector of the economy. In particular, you will be able to help make the multicultural workplace of today and tomorrow a just and humane space for human existence and productivity.

2014-2016 Curriculum Guide (PDF)

2016 Curriculum Guide (PDF)