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Job Opportunities

Graduates of the program secure positions in many ways. They may secure positions at the organizations that employ the professionals who interview and advise them in the Professional Development Seminar. They may get the positions at their internship sites or in organizations associated with these sites -- after they have completed the internships. They may apply for jobs listed in announcements that come to them through the internship coordinator, other professors, and the office of the chair of the department. But many other students get their jobs on their own by applying the lessons they learn from the Practicum, the Professional Development Seminar, and the Internship.

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Preparation for Life After Graduation

Before graduation, students in the major must complete these practicum, seminar, and internship requirements:

1. Complete practicum courses with a grade of “C” or better

2. Complete the required Professional Development Seminar course (JOMC 591) with a grade of “C” or better

3. Complete an internship with an approved media organization (with a “C” or better)

Students in the program have to take a practicum in which they apply their skills or learn new ones. They do so in media offices and under the supervision of media professionals in the university. The activities in which they engage are determined by their concentrations. They receive academic credit for the satisfaction­tory completion of the activities. The credits count toward their degree requirements. For more information, see the description for the course JOMC 231, Practicum I in Course Descriptions.

One course that helps students make the transition from meeting course requirements to meeting employer requirements is the Professional Development Seminar. Students in this course will prepare tools they use to introduce themselves to employers – such as cover letters, written resumes, resume tapes or disks, and portfolios. They also receive instruction and get practice in presenting themselves to potential employers. And, yes, they receive academic credit for the work they do in this course. For more information, see the description for the course JOMC 591, Professional Development Seminar in Course Descriptions.

The internship gives students the opportunity to apply in an off-campus experience the understandings and professional skills they learned in their courses. They have the experience under the guidance of a professional supervisor at the internship site and a faculty supervisor in the department. As in the case of the practicum, students must carry out activities spelled out in an agreement and an assignment of duties, and receive academic credit for the satisfactory completion of these activities.  Their internship sites, responsibilities, productions and reports depend on their concentrations. The internship is a requirement for graduation. More information is in the description of the course JOMC 598, Media Internship, in Course Descriptions.

Study Abroad

Students from the Journalism and Mass Communication Department have studied and traveled to places such as Cuba, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong and Cyprus. To learn more about programs under the Office of International Program, please go here.