JOMC Alumni Council

We would like to welcome our recent graduates to learn more about the JOMC Alumni Council. which is comprised of a small group of journalism and mass communication graduates. The JOMC Alumni Council serves as the liaison between the journalism and mass communication department and its alumni.  Its purpose is to strengthen alumni engagement through networking opportunities, mentoring, fundraising and program development. Members help us maintain a strong presence in the industry and in communities throughout the US, provide internship/job/scholarship opportunities for our students, become professional mentors to them, organize the annual Alumni Chat, and serve as guest lecturers. The Council also assist with fundraising campaigns for the department. 

Keep us updated on where you are, how the department can improve and other information.  Fill out the NEW ALUMNI SURVEY here!



 If you are interested in becoming a council leader, serving as a committee chair or volunteering in other ways, apply here


To serve as a liaison between the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (JOMC) and JOMC alumni


To build the foundation for an active and dynamic relationship between the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (JOMC) and its alumni.


* Get Organized: Establish council bylaws and a 3 year strategic plan
* Engage Alumni: Increase the level of engagement among JOMC alumni and the dept
* Raise Funds: Establish and implement a fundraising program