Agribusiness Institute Application Instructions

Agribusiness Institute at STEM Early College at N.C. A&T

 Application instructions 

The Agribusiness Institute is an eight-day non-residential summer program for rising juniors and seniors in high school, held at STEM Early College at N.C. A&T July 8-11 & July 15-18.

To be considered for enrollment in the Agribusiness Institute, you must complete the following and submit to the address below by Friday, April 26, 2013.

  • Essay:  A statement of career interest in Agribusiness industries and how the pre-college experience would benefit you in making your future career choice.  The essay must be 200 words or less, 12 point font, Times New Roman, and doubled spaced.
  •  Transcript:  An official copy of your school transcript must be submitted with the application showing your cumulative grade point average.  We realize that your last grading period (June) is not available.  An attendance report must also be included with your transcript.
  • Letters of recommendation:  Two letters of recommendation must be included.  The letters must be type-written on official letterhead or 8 ½” X11” white paper (notebook paper is not acceptable).  One of the letters must come from a representative of your school; the second letter may be written from someone who can speak about your character from the community.
  • Personal information: Print and fill out and sign the application form, and include it in your application package.

 Please mail or fax the completed application package to:

 The STEM Early College N.C. A&T

Agribusiness Institute
Smith Hall – Room 004
402 Laurel Street
Greensboro, NC 27411
(336) 370-8580 – Phone
(336) 274-7167 – Fax 

For information, please contact Kenrett Jefferson-Moore, 336-285-4829,