Osei Yeboah

Dr. Anthony Yeboah


Office: A-25 C.H. Moore
Phone: (336) 285-4727
Fax: (336) 334-7658
email: oyeboah@ncat.edu


  • 1987, BS Agriculture, KNUST, Ghana
  • 1993, MS Production Economics, NCATSU
  • 1998, PhD University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Environmental economics and nonmarket valuation; international trade economics and international agribusiness marketing; international agricultural trade; agricultural marketing and cooperatives; applied econometrics; and general equilibrium modeling and policy


  • Trade policy: Welfare impacts of mandatory country of origin labeling (MCOOL).
  • Impacts of free trade agreements- NAFTA, Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP).
  • International trade of GMO crops
  • Trade and environment
  • Peanut value chain in Ghana
  • Economic valuation of naturally occurring wetlands
  • Productivity and technical efficiency
  • Small scale agricultural production risk analysis


  • ABM 838 – International Trade Theory& Policy
  • ABM 832 –Environmental Economics & Policy
  • ABM 834- Agricultural Marketing & Interregional Trade
  • AGRI 800 – Sustainable Agriculture
  • ABM 450 - Cooperatives
  • ABM 840- Production Economics


Book chapters
  • Yeboah, Osei, Terrence Thomas, Timothy Foster and Edward Fosu:  Pollution, Environmental Justice, and the North Carolina Pork Industry, Pages 127-138 Proceedings of the 2007 National Conference on Environmental Science and Technology;  Springer Publications.
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  • 2012-2013 Senior Researcher of the Year Award, North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University, 2013.
  • Award for Serving as a Content Mentor for Middle Grade Mathematics and Science Teachers in NSF Grant, School of Education, NC A&T, 2013.
  • Award for Participation, 2010-2011 National Science Foundation Content Mentoring Grant, NC A&T SU, 2013.
  • Award for Runner Up Poster Presentation: The 32nd Annual International Lilly Conference on College Teaching; Miami University, OH; November 2012.
  • AEA/ARD Land Grant Conference, Presenter Certificate Award, Memphis, TN., June 2008.
  • Gamma Sigma Delta Award of Excellence in Research Award, April 2008.
  • Phi Kappa Phi Third National Conference on Environmental Science and Technology Certificate of Appreciation Award, September 2007.
  • Award for Participating: 2010-2011 National Science Foundation Content Mentoring Grant, NC A&T SU.
  • Impact Performance Award: Joseph of Arimathea Award, Assembly of God Church, Greensboro, NC.
  • Aggie Star Certificate for NR-GRD Working Group: Awarded by the Dean of School of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences for Hard Work and Dedication to Excellence, April 2011.
  • Aggie Star Certificate for the Edible and Medicinal Mushroom Project Awarded by the Dean of School of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences for Hard Work and Dedication to Excellence, April 2010.
  • NC Cooperative Extension 4-H Mini Society Program Certificate of Appreciation, May 2005.


  • Member, Research Council, N.C. A&T
  • American Agricultural Economics Association- Session Moderator/Abstract Reviewer/Paper presentations
  • Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists- Paper Presentations
  • Southern Agricultural Economics Association- Session Moderator/Abstract Reviewer/Paper PresentationsS-1016,S-1043, S-1062 Research Committee- Member/Past Research Director/Present Secretary
  • NC-1016Research Committee- Member, Present Secretary
  • SERA GROUP-30- Member/ Past Secretary
  • Panel Reviewer: USA-NIFA Higher Education Challenge Grants -2015
  • Panel Reviewer: USDA-NIFA FMPP Grants-2015
  • Panel Reviewer: USA-NIFA Capacity Building Grant Proposal -2014
  • Panel Reviewer: USDA-NIFA Value-Added Producer Grant -2014 and 2015
  • Panel Reviewer: NSF MRI Internal Competition
  • Panel Reviewer: Internal Competition-DoD HBCU/MI Research & Education Program
  • Ad hoc Reviewer: Phase II Grant applications Proposal for NIFA Small Business Innovation Research Program and Mid-Size Farms, USDA. April 2013.
  • Panel Reviewer: USDA NIFA Division of Community and Education. January, 2013.
  • Ad hoc Reviewer: Phase I Grant applications Proposals for NIFA Small Business Innovation Research Program and Mid-Size Farms, USDA. December 2012.
  • Panel Reviewer: NSF-PIRE. June, 2011.
  • Reviewer: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics (JAAE), 2011.
  • Panel Reviewer: AFRI- NIFA. November 2010.
  • Panel Reviewer: Reverse Site visit Program. USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture, October 2010.
  • Panel Reviewer: Regional Approaches to Climate Change CAP Program, USDA-NIFA. August, 2010. Reviewer: SAEA, 2010.Panel Reviewer: DOE/Biomass Proposals, August 2009.
  • Panel Reviewer: 2008-09 USDA-CSREES SBIR, Rural Development Grant Proposals, Washington, D.C. February 2009.