Partners from the courts, social service agencies and Cooperative Extension report progress in the parents they work with and refer to Parenting Matters.

Sharon English, family and consumer sciences Extension agent in Scotland County, reports: “I have found this curriculum to have the perfect mix of teaching opportunities and client participation. Several of the clients have told me they never felt comfortable talking in classes before, but now they do. The curriculum is easy to teach, easy to understand and is interesting and insightful to the participants.  It relates well to the struggles of parenting yet provides simple ways to incorporate positive changes in parenting children.”

Jackie Boyd, family support specialist with Child Connections in Beaufort County told us that, "I have seen parents who, because of their participation in Parenting Matters, are now working with their children helping them to reach their full potential."

Darryl McCaster, a juvenile court counselor in Duplin County who makes parent referrals says, "I have noticed that most of the parents that we refer to the program take better care of themselves and now communicate more effectively with their teenagers and have a closer relationship with members of their family."

Jewel Winslow, Extension agent in Perquimans County, says, "The Parenting Matters curriculum is loaded with hands-on activities that allow our groups to break the ice and feel more involved in the discussions. It's refreshing to have a variety of tools that speak to the diverse learning styles among adults. When the parents speak up in class, they help teach each other and feel a sense of ownership in the class.”

Johnny Ikner, a social worker with the Pasquotank County Department of Social Services, says, "Having referred families to this program over the past three years … I can say with great confidence that your program is making a positive impact on these families, parents, children, and our community at large. We are most fortunate to have this greatly needed program in our area and it is my sincere hope that appropriate funding and support remains in place to maintain and even expand these services."

Susan Chase, family and consumer sciences Extension agent in Beaufort County says, "Parents once struggling as parents have grown confident in their parenting skills and are building healthy relationships with their children because of the knowledge they gained through participating in Parenting Matters."