Parenting Matters is designed for parents who need to improve their parenting skills and strengthen their relationships with their children


Key focus areas of Parenting Matters include discipline, helping parents manage their stress, and helping parents improve communication with their children. Parents who have completed the program report notable results, including that their children:

  •           Show more respect
  •           Confide in them
  •           Bond with them
  •           Have a happier home life
  •           Perform better in school
  •           Help with chores
  •           Trust their parents
  •           Inspire trust
  •           Argue less

Listen to what participating parents have had to say about their Parenting Matters experience.

Paul Pittenger
Although at first an unwilling participant in the program, Paul Pittenger recommends Parenting Matters. Pittenger learned to be more patient with his daughter and believes the program is valuable for first time parents, for parents with many children, and even for parents who have already been through the program once. Pittenger, who participated in the program because of a custody requirement, says he would have voluntarily enrolled in the class before being forced to take ithad he known the value of the program.

Robin Holley
Trying just one discipline strategy that she learned inParenting Matters helped Robin Holley improve a troubling relationship with her daughter. Applying that strategy, along with other positive Parenting Matters practices, has helped Holley revive a loving mother-daughter relationship.

Norman Watkins
Parenting Matters provided a user-friendly learning environment for Norman Watkins to learn what he says werethings in life that he was not able to learn before. Watkins changed his parenting style to better communicate with his children, which helped him to regain custody.

Juanita Stroud
Managing stress to cope with parenting challenges has made a big difference for Juanita Stroud, who was referred to the class by a court counselor. Stroud is so changed by what she learned in Parenting Matters that she and other parents in the same class formed a parent support group that continued to meet beyond the eight sessions offered in the program.