Originally intended to help parents mandated for training by the courts or referred by social-service agencies, Parenting Matters also has proven itself an effective resource for those who are simply self-inspired to become better parents.

Not only successful at changing behavior, Parenting Matters has the potential to save lives.

Consider that every five minutes, another child is abused or neglected in North Carolina. The reasons vary but include: social isolation, financial pressures, alcohol or substance abuse, having children with special needs, emotional problems, domestic violence and lack of parenting skills.

Parents who use physical force to punish their children run the risk of abusing them. They need to know that there are alternative ways to discipline children and shape their behavior.

Parenting Matters uses creative learning to help its users gain the skills to meet their challenges. Parents have the opportunity to learn in small groups of no more than 10 people. Information sharing and support are encouraged and the classes are conducted by a trained leader.