Small-Scale Livestock Production Program

This program helps farmers who raise small-scale livestock with the support of agricultural agents in county Cooperative Extension centers throughout the state using educational resources from Cooperative Extension at A&T. Resources are provided primarily for pigs and small ruminants (goats and sheep) but also for cattle and horses. We have some rabbit resources also.

Making farms profitable and sustainable are the main educational goals for programming in animal health management, feeding/forage management, and breeding, among others. We provide training in such areas as integrated parasite management, which brings a whole-farm, environmentally friendly approach to controlling internal parasites.  Left untreated or improperly treated these pests can cause animal-production losses. We also provide training in pasture-based livestock production for animals, using other environmentally friendly production practices.

Our program is closely integrated with ongoing research and demonstration projects at the A&T University Farm, the Small Ruminant Demonstration Site at the Upper Piedmont Research Station in Reidsville, the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) at the Cherry Research Station in Goldsboro and at other research stations. 


Help small-scale producers develop successful skills in:

  • De-worming and vaccination practices for optimal animal health and welfare in an environmentally sound system.
  • Developing farm production systems focusing on marketing for profitability and sustainability, including direct, niche and local foods marketing.
  • Environmentally responsible management of forages and pastures with favorable animal growth and performance in mind.
  • Feed selection and management for profitability as well as animal performance and welfare.
  • Breed selection and breeding management for sustainable production systems.


Resources are available here: