High Tunnel Education Program

High Tunnel Education Program

This program helps small-scale, limited-resource audiences grow vegetables, small fruits, specialty crops and cut flowers outside of the traditional season. Farmers can begin growing sooner and harvesting longer than usual by using high tunnels and other practices that extend the growing season. 

Demonstrations and training on high tunnel and other production systems are available at the University Farm at A&T, and the Small Farm Unit at the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) at the Cherry Research Farm in Goldsboro, N.C. 


  • Investigate and provide agents, farmers and the general public with information on best management practices for high tunnel and other season extension techniques of fruits, cut flowers and vegetables.
  • Increase local food production and farm income which can help provide communities with better options for food sources and create community sustainability.
    • Identify crops and varieties with potential for maximizing yield output in high tunnels.
    • Develop production guidelines with respect to soil and nutrient management, crop selection and pest management.
    • Collaborate with federal and state agencies for developing production and environmental sustainability guidelines for high tunnel production.

High Tunnel Suppliers

  1. Farmtek  http://www.farmtek.com
  2. Atlas Greenhouse  http://www.atlasgreenhouse.com
  3. Williamson Greenhouse  http://www.williamsongh.com
  4. Jaderloom Greenhouse  http://www.jaderloon.com/
  5. Puckett Greenhouse  http://www.puckettgreenhouses.com/
  6. Carolina Greenhouse  http://www.carolinagreenhouses.com

Contact:  Grace Summers or Kurt Taylor